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  1. Florida WTB Borla or Magnaflow exhaust 18+ 5.0

    Looking for a catback exhaust for 18 and up mustang 5.0s, ideally borla or magna flow. Local to south Florida would be great, but if the price is right shipping can work as well. PM me with what you got.
  2. Florida PP1 wheels/Tires

    Shipping would be way too expensive, unless someone is willing to cover the costs. Price is at the bottom of the post. 1000 obo
  3. ESS supercharged 18’ 10r80 60-130

    Wow I’m impressed. That thing moves
  4. Florida PP1 wheels/Tires

    Performance pack 1 wheels and tires, great condition, no damage anywhere at all. Michelin tires in the front Pirelli in the back. Rear need to be replaced because of uneven wear imo but you can still use them if you want. Fronts are good. In the Miami area so would prefer someone in the general...
  5. Florida WTB hellion sleeper kit

    Looking for an 18+ hellion sleeper kit. Not too concerned with how it’s specd out, but would prefer precision turbos. Ideally a car in south Florida as shipping I’m sure would be an arm and a leg.
  6. Alabama 2019 Hellion TT Mustang Gt 10r80 with 13k miles and 401a package

    If for whatever reason you end up parting out, I’ll be first in line for the sleeper kit. GL with selling as is though 🙏🏻
  7. Pennsylvania F.S.- Rear Welds RT-S S71's.

    God why can you live in south Florida 😭😩. GL with sale, free bump
  8. Florida MMR OPGs and CS

    So we’ll try this again since you never answered my question….. who is “this guy”?????????? Please link me the post where I’m selling another opg and cs combo I’d love to see it. As for price he’s a pic to prove what I paid. It’s pretty sad you have to spend ur days calling out someone...
  9. Florida MMR OPGs and CS

    Not to mention someone sold a set literally a day ago for 350…. I’m asking 320, covering shipping and PayPal fees
  10. Florida MMR OPGs and CS

    Who’s this dude??? If you mean me, I haven’t posted selling anything. I just went to MMRs site and added 1 billet OPG and 1 billet CS and total is 330 before shipping or taxes I believe so not sure where you get 299 from
  11. Florida MMR OPGs and CS

    Brand new. Decided my power level of a build doesn’t really need them especially since it’s a turbo car so no extra stress on a crank or anything like that. Would prefer local but will ship. Sells for 400 new off beefcake, would like 320 obo.
  12. Florida WTB Lund Ngauge!!

    Looking for a Lund ngauge, all I need is a pic of the screen with the device number to confirm it can still be used again by Lund.
  13. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    In my personal opinion, if you’re in an 18+ manual car I’d opt for PD blower over centri. My previous car was an 18 stick car with a Paxton, owned it for 40k miles, boosted it around 3-4K miles. It was problem free but on 93 I didn’t really get that crazy power feeling that I’d expect for a 680...
  14. Florida PP1 wheels and tires!!!! Basically new

    Wheels back on the market. Person flaked
  15. Florida PP1 wheels and tires!!!! Basically new

    Will keep you posted. The person is supposed to come get them either Friday or Saturday so I’ll have an answer on the sale then
  16. Florida PP1 wheels and tires!!!! Basically new

    Sale pending but was looking for 1400 or shoot me a number and we can talk.
  17. Florida PP1 wheels and tires!!!! Basically new

    Not really looking to ship. It would be an arm and a leg for you bud. Also have sale pending locally
  18. Florida PP1 wheels and tires!!!! Basically new

    Selling my pp1 wheels and tires (Michelins ps4s). They have about 1500 miles on them. Prefer local south Florida but will drive and meet halfway if not too far.
  19. Florida WTB hellion sleeper kit 18+ 5.0

    Looking for either a brand new in box kit or lightly used kit. I know there’s a ton of options but ideally they’d have precision turbos (don’t care if journal bearing or ball bearing), non blackout intercooler, screamer covers, regular hellion pipe ( not the stealth air box look). Probably a...