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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Let my princess drive hers today. 70 degrees outside is perfect for a December day. Gotta love this AZ weather. I don’t why you guys keep talking about electric mustangs we already got one right here and that’s how it will stay 😂
  2. i need high school chick advice please

    C’mon man it was the highlight of my week lol besides that’s all kids do in class anyway. Next time for sure though.
  3. i need high school chick advice please

    I’m still upset we never got video of this action happening just saying… 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. i need high school chick advice please

    I still hope this interaction was recorded
  5. i need high school chick advice please

    I second this, I’m now invested in seeing your performance 😂
  6. i need high school chick advice please

    I second this opinion. Once you’re educated all the doors open. Don’t be like some of us and take 13 years to get a 4-year degree. Chicks will only put up with you for so long if you’re as dumb as a box of rocks.
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Took her to stretch her legs this morning aka store pickup for the wife’s cooking supplies for dinner with the fam tonight. Parking rules still apply. The Dude Abides!
  8. 2k for Corsa Xtreme Catback - Gunmetal Tips

    Buy it asap, I don’t regret having it at all. I’ve got that with a mak parts on as well and absolutely love it
  9. exterior mods pics please

    You’re amazing thank you so much.
  10. exterior mods pics please

    Do you happen to have the site you got that from you can send to me?
  11. Thoughts on this deal?

    That’s a terrible deal. In my humble opinion. But hey if your finances are good which I’m assuming they are for this then proceed to ball outta control. I’m not a fan of anything over 500 a month for a single car and I pay for both mine and my wife’s SUV
  12. exterior mods pics please

    @Blu_stallion did you swap to a new GT350 hood and then add the GT4 vents or did you do put those on the stock hood?
  13. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    I must know where you purchased that hood from. I think I found a new present for myself. It looks absolutely amazing
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    It’s all good. I live in base housing so they’re all like this.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Finally started my detail on Thursday and couldn’t continue Friday so here she is now with her first ceramic coat. This is after the clay bar, getting stripped and polished to remove swirls. 3 hours and the second coat goes on then I’ll probably finish up the night with some butter wax. I’ve...
  16. Favorite Sports Memorabilia In The House!

    Let’s see em. What’s your favorite piece of sports memorabilia in the house that you own and whats the story behind it. I’m excited to see what you guys got. I’ll start with mine, I’ve had this jersey for about 11 years now and my new ones got it signed when he went to basketball camp. I’ve...
  17. What is your Christmas wish list?

    I definitely need a GT350 hood and GT350 fenders this season but that probably won’t happen. I ask that for the same thing every year and that’s just to be home with my family for the holidays and not deployed.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Started prepping for her first full detail even put up a new board for it.
  19. R Spoiler on a GT350?

    Do it bro at the end of the day this is your baby. I’m doing the same with my 5.0 piece piece and started with GT350 front end and bolt-one. Treat yo self
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Thanks man sorry it took me so long to reply but I actually don’t know the tint percent. I bought it with it on there but as far as I know since I got it in Texas it’s legal, and never been pulled over in it there or here in Arizona either.