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  1. Intermittent starting issue

    I had a similar issue with my 2017 about 7 months ago. I checked the battery and if I remember correctly it seemed to be okay from a voltage point of view. I decided to replace the battery due to it was 4 years old. After I changed to the new battery the issue went away. Not sure if this...
  2. Just some pics of a VooDoo engine block - GR3Z-6010-F

    Olaosunt, you mentioned above you were thinking about going back to NA. Could you share your thoughts on why you are thinking about that? I am always interested in learning from those who have supercharged these cars. I don’t have any plans to throw a Whipple on mine but the idea is always...
  3. Trusted Wheel/Tire shops in Phoenix AZ

    You could check out the Discount Tire on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd and the 101 freeway. They get a lot of very expensive cars in there so they are used to dealing with specialty wheels. Of course there is no guarantee anywhere you go that there will not be an issue, but if you go to a place...
  4. GT350 Oil Change Interval for Hot Climates

    If you daily drive it then I would recommend following the hot climate interval. For me (I live in Phoenix as well) I only drive mine on the weekends and during the summer months I take it out in the mornings before it hits 100 degrees (I agree with 460fred, no fun in the heat). Given my...
  5. BLine Cat Delete Pipes

    Good question.... I have been wondering about this myself.
  6. Anyone had their Mustang serviced at either SanTan Ford or Earnhardt Ford?

    What was the story with Earnhardt? I am scheduled to go there tomorrow. SanTan could not get me in there for two weeks.
  7. Anyone had their Mustang serviced at either SanTan Ford or Earnhardt Ford?

    I might need to take my 2017 GT350 in for service. SanTan Ford in Gilbert and Earnhardt Ford in Chandler are the closest dealers to me. Anyone have any experience with having their Mustang serviced at either of these dealerships? If so, can you share your experience? -Thanks
  8. Anyone had any issues with Code P0430 on their GT350?

    I have a 2017 GT350 that I have owned since new. The car just crossed 10K miles on it and the check engine light came on yesterday. I used forscan to check the codes and it came back with P0430 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2. In doing some research on this it sounds like...
  9. Problems with gt350 yet again.

    Another thing to check is the clutch safety switch. If that is not working properly the car will not turn over.
  10. Problems with gt350 yet again.

    When you say pressing the button does absolutely nothing, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean no lights/electronics come on or just that the engine will not turn over, or something else?
  11. Reporting on Reliability

    I have a 2017 with 9500 miles on it and it has been trouble free since purchasing it new almost 4 years ago.
  12. Timing Instructions GT350?

    No they are not the same, the voodoo engine is a little different. There are a couple of videos on YouTube that shows how it is done. Here is one of them, if I remember correctly this video does a good job explaining it.: Honeybadger on this site also did a good video showing how to do it...
  13. Quick Xineering downshift blip module install review

    Would it be possible to post a video for people to see/hear it in action?
  14. Oil Filter Gasket Failed... New Drift Car!

    Agreed! I torque the filter to the proper spec and use a band clamp. No issues in three years of doing my own oil changes.
  15. Black Soot

    I am not 100% for sure but I think the distance between the holes is 1 quart. The fact that you have a lot of black soot on the exhaust is not a good sign. Did you have any issues with soot before the last 1000 miles? Has your driving habits changed in the last 1000 miles (i.e. revving it out...
  16. E85 availability in Scottsdale/Phoenix

    There is a 100 octane pump at the Love’s station in Chandler near Wild Horse Pass Raceway.
  17. Arizona EPCO 2015-2017 Black/White GT350 Shift Knob

    I have a brand new never been opened from the bag EPCO GT350 shift knob. I bought this a few years ago when I first got my GT350 thinking I was going to swap out the factory shift knob but after driving the car I decided to keep the factory knob. This shift knob fits 2015 thru 2017 (not sure...
  18. GT350 Engine Refresh - Part 2

    Love your engine posts, these are awesome. Any chance when you do the reassembly you can do a step by step video showing how to do the timing chain install? I have seen step by step timing chain installation videos for the coyote but none on the voodoo.