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  1. 2015 Mustang Eco Convertible Lowered.

    prolly going to just go back stock.
  2. 2015 Mustang Eco Convertible Lowered.

    So what kind of shocks should I be using. That was a theory. I need to figure out what springs are on there. How do I get it dampened. Do I just start from scratch tear it out and start again?
  3. 2015 Mustang Eco Convertible Lowered.

    I have a 2015 Mustang GT and a 2015 Mustang eco convertible. The 2015 Eco rides like crap and sits maybe a half inch lower than the GT judging by the mirror when they are side by side. My GT is a performance pack car. The eco is not. I bought the car the way it is. Do lowering springs cause a...
  4. 2016 Mustang GT exhaust vibration issue

    whats a safe distance between exhaust components and anything as to not cause vibrations
  5. 2016 Mustang GT exhaust vibration issue

    Okay, yesterday me and buddy installed long tube stainless works headers on his 2016 Mustang GT. He already had a Borla Attak cat back on his car. When we put the headers on the car the mid pipe and x pipe where where not completely lining up (maybe a 1/4 to 5/16ths of an inch off) when we hung...
  6. Wrench light for help

    I disconnected the battery. While I cleaned the grounds. I am going to go by the O'rileys we have here. I was told they can check the codes for other than just CEL. I am disappointed I can not figure the issue. I am usually pretty good at this stuff. I believe it's the steering rack or AbS module.
  7. Ford moving towards custom orders, away from huge inventories

    Hey, if the let us get what we want like the cars from back when you can buy a car that is pretty much tailored to your liking and needs. 5.0 with the 10 speed auto, manual cloth seats, no radio, no AC, rear end of your choosing, tire size of your choosing (if you are replacing rims getting the...
  8. Wrench light for help

    I have to put quite a bit more effort into making a turn especially from a stop. When the car sits and I turn it back on everything appears normal. I put the car in drive or reverse and move. Hill start assists, service traction control, abs, and steering assist. Due to current situation I do...
  9. Wrench light for help

    Please help. Power steering got heavy. Drives fine other than that.
  10. Intermittent problems... Hill start assist, drive modes not available, and turning on traction control please help.

    I had a buddy say check your ground on the passenger side where a catch can would mount. It was solid. So i checked the other grounds and sure enough. This one was loose. I was skeptical but i put 200 miles on the car today in sport mode and it never kicked me out of the drive mode.
  11. Intermittent problems... Hill start assist, drive modes not available, and turning on traction control please help.

    If anyone cares or is having the same issue. It was a loose ground. This one to be specific.
  12. Is it worth spending $1900 on radio upgrade to 8 inch system from infotainment?

    I put a pioneer double din my ecoboost. I am about to upgrade to the same unit in my GT. I have bluetooth, wifi, and can use my mobile hotspot and run youtube and various other apps and video playing services on the screen along with weather. I keep my climate controls as well.
  13. Intermittent problems... Hill start assist, drive modes not available, and turning on traction control please help.

    I have a 2015 Eco Boost convertible, premium, with a little over 102,000 miles. It is an auto. When driving I will occasionally get a message that was states "hill start assist is not available" Vehicle did not come with hill start assist. Also, when I put the vehicle in sport, track, snow/wet...
  14. 2015 Mustang Keeps randomly kicking itself out of the drive modes.

    Wheel bearings are good. So I know it is not that. I am having an issue where when I put my 2015 ecoboost in one of the various drive modes. After a while it kicks itself back to normal. I randomly get messages while driving in normal mode that "drive modes unavailable" also "hill start mode...
  15. 2015 mustang eco boost drive modes turn off

    So I have noticed on my 2015 Ecoboost that when I put it in any of the various drive modes rain/snow, track, sport, what have you It keeps kicking itself out and back to normal drive mode after a few minutes same with the traction control feature. Any ideas on where to look next would be greatly...
  16. Texas speed website said shipping delays?

    Anyone have any info on this. How bad are the delays?
  17. exhaust

    What would be a good way to get a deeper sound exhaust on the eco. I bought it it had some flow master deletes on it I want something that is a little more quiet and maybe a little deeper sound.
  18. American Racing Headers From Leathal

    Is the bottle neck eliminator really going to make that much of a difference power wise.