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  1. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    CJ 428 Cosworth design w/VCT, TPI, 12:1 NA would be nice.
  2. Wide open throttle

    Tom that car should be pulling strong at 80-85. WOT at those speeds should have that car's engine screaming/shifting hard pushing you back into seat holding on till 140mph. Mine does. I use nothing but 93 octane but it shouldn't matter much. Have you tried Sport or Track mode?
  3. Solid Black wheels will fade away!

    I like the "busy" wheel look. Don't want to look at brake rotors or colored calipers/hubs. Wouldn't mind if they brought back chrome spoke wheels (circa James Bond Jag). Really don't see the interest in black badging either. Back in the day the only guy's I knew with black wheels were the do it...
  4. Mount Washington Hill Climb

    Was up there 2yrs.ago. Took me 20min. Travis is a dare-devil extraordinaire. He pioneered dirtbike aerial extreme maneuvers. His show Nitro Circus was pretty kool. This was a pullout about 3/4s the way up that's my son.
  5. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Thanks Jen, me too!!!
  6. GT350 owners - should I consider buying this one?

    That Iconic silver Mach 1 is worth the wait. It's a good deal at what you paid. I had to wait 6 mo. for my ordered GT. and was told I would be looking 10-12 wks delivery from the day of purchase. Them extra weeks of waiting had me online joining this group, looking at other options to buy. I...
  7. Final Showdown: Auto vs Manual!

    I am not sure how to vote without first having some biased opinions to peruse.
  8. GT350 owners - should I consider buying this one?

    The price has dropped to 54500. It is in my neighborhood. I like the color and the car has only 2k more miles on it than mine. I have been remotely wishing I had a 6spd. The 5.2 sounds great with 66more HP. Being a 17 though... so I made a contact to see what kind of trade they would offer. If...
  9. GT350 owners - should I consider buying this one?

    here's a 17 with 21k on it for 55
  10. GT350 owners - should I consider buying this one?

    5 year old car with 465 mi. doesn't sound fishy? Has me thinkin lemon with lengthy past issue's. Buyer beware...
  11. GT350 owners - should I consider buying this one?

    Wait for your M1. Something fishy about the mileage, at least DD the carfax. You know used are currently in a price bubble. 5 years is too old to be paying nearly 2016 MSRP.
  12. How many of us men without hair own S550s?

    OK, kind of shy though.
  13. According to new CB article, "Younger Buyers could kill the Ford Mustang"

    DD is a daily driver. Right orm man☠
  14. 2021 Ford Nationals / Carlisle PA / 2021 mach1

    @ Nardly my thought too
  15. Switching to Staggered Setup

    I changed from the stock frt&rr 235/50/18's to PP1 replica wheels 9.5x 19 and 9x19 using Mich PS4's 275x40-19 and 255x40-19 and have no issue's with tram-lining at all in fact the ride has improved greatly and traction is great. Also using 34lbs. at all corners.
  16. 2021 Ford Nationals / Carlisle PA / 2021 mach1

    Dam, I wasn't thinking the Mach 1 was worthy, but may have to reconsider:ontheloo:
  17. Base v Premium questions

    My bad did not even notice OP posted in the Mach 1 thread:shock:
  18. Base v Premium questions

    Yeah I considered the base, but adding the options that I wanted made the Premium more desirable considering the small benefit's and cost's. I am thinking too resale is better if the window sticker had premium stamped on it. Where's the list for the 401a?
  19. Base v Premium questions

    OK, yes the heated steering wheel does come on the 401a, but not the 400a. So we can add the heated wheel to the list. I am thinking too that you have to have one of the premium pkgs to get the heated door mirrors.