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  1. Undisclosed Mustang Brochures GT, GT350, GT500, Ford Performance

    I have a few Mustang sales Brochures for sale. I have multiples of some. 10$ each. Buyer pays for shipping. Thanks.
  2. Best ford dealership south shore Montreal?

    I bought my Mustsng and had it serviced at Circuit Ford in Montreal North. I live in the West Island but it's worth the trip over. My father also bought his Lincoln there. Best deal in town and a good friend bought his 2018 Mustang GT from them. I went to multiple dealers with my friend but...
  3. PP2 real life pictures

    What tint% did you apply on the back and sides? Thanks!
  4. GT350 Window Tint

    Thanks for all the input!
  5. GT350 Window Tint

    That's great. Thanks!
  6. GT350 Window Tint

    Do you have a complete side shot with the 50%. I assume you have 50% on the back as well?
  7. GT350 Window Tint

    Hi guys, Can you please share some pictures of what your GT350 look like with window tint. Please specify what % tint you have. Ideally I am looking for picture on Orange Fury but any color will do. Thanks!
  8. Canada - Quebec Ford Mustang 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Parts

    I sold the car, and have these extra parts to sell. Excellent Condition. Like New. Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I would prefer local pickup or delivery. All funds in Canadian Dollars $ 5.0L Airaid Intake System with washable filter - $275.00 RedLine Hood Struts - $100.00...

    Hey, What lowering springs do you have? Also what wheel spacers are you running front and back? Thanks!
  10. Ford Oasis Reports

    Hi Agent_S550, If you find the TSB can you please share it. Thanks.
  11. Ford Oasis Reports

    Let us know what the oil analysis results are. I'm curious! Thanks
  12. Ford Oasis Reports

    +1 Are there any TSB for this issue on 2015 mustangs?
  13. 5.0 Dipstick Oil Level After Oil Change

    I have about 4000 miles on the oil. When I check the oil level it's in the last 1/4 xxxxx area. I know you don't add any oil when it's in the xxxxx area. I was wondering where the oil level is once you just change it. I don't remember where mine was when it changed it in May.
  14. 5.0 Dipstick Oil Level After Oil Change

    Hi Everyone, After changing your oil (8 quarts) where is your oil level on your dipstick? Closer to the upper dot or lower dot within the cross hashed area? Or is it exactly in the middle of the cross hashed area? Thanks!