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  1. Mach 1 Dyno Day at Steeda..

    I think if you're on a completely empty highway, there's nothing wrong with going that fast. It does tick me off when I see people weaving in and out of traffic going insane speeds tho.
  2. Ohio Built 10R80 Transmission For Sale with stock or Circle-D Converter

    Is this still available? What is the stall speed on the circleD converter?
  3. Northern California 10R80 build

    Do you have the guy's contact information?
  4. P308, P300 was not lying

    This is bad luck, it may have been a defective piston from Ford or there was a lot of knock. Possible fuel quality issue.
  5. Procharger D1X is looing very good to me.

    I don't really see a point in going a p1x vs d1x, might as well go up a size in case you want to get a little more out of it.
  6. Northern California 10R80 build

    I'm actually looking for this same exact thing, currently I'm looking at getting the trans pulled and sent out to midnight performance in Houston Texas. Let me know if you find someone here.
  7. Best Setup for a Non PP 18gt with a 10 speed auto?

    They seem to be fine at 60 mph, as long as the road is good and they're warm. Obviously they spin at WOT below probably 55, I think the 3.15 gears make a big difference. If I was in my lowest possible gear at 60 mph and just stomped it, the tires would break a little but I'm usually a gear or...
  8. The endless FI loop

    Make an RNG to determine what you should do. Its even easier if you can flip a coin over it, I do this with a lot of decisions. Then you won't feel bad regardless because it was fate and out of your control.
  9. Strategies for makign the 10r80 live at 700-800rwhp ?

    Lower differential gear ratio, add frictions and steels.
  10. Best Setup for a Non PP 18gt with a 10 speed auto?

    I have a base model 18 GT with an edelbrock stage 2 on e85 and I make about 801whp through cats and stock exhaust at 6950 RPMs. Im very happy with the power level, after I added a fuel system for e85 and got a real tune the bottom end torque is crazy, even at 20 to 40 percent throttle. If you do...
  11. Carbon fiber rods

    I would think these would be made from carbon composite material much like some of the new general electric turbine engines for the new boeing jetliners. I'm not sure if these will be reliable in the short term, but long term they will take over.
  12. Anyone have 800+ rwhp with stock cats?

    I have 801 whp with a 2650 setup. I've had this for over a year and a half. It works great, I haven't had any problems with them. My 10r80 tho.... different story.
  13. For any one with a supercharger did you upgrade the oil pump gears?

    2018 mustang gt about 20k miles with 8k on the supercharger (2650) about 810whp and I don't really rev it past 7.5k rpms. I have not experienced any issues with mine.
  14. Broken rings - which route

    25k miles at 700 rwhp hard driving, that engine owes you nothing lol. I think it's crazy that it held together that long stock block. Hopefully you can get it back up and running for the summer.
  15. Whipple gen 5 vs edelbrock

    I have access to consistent 85 to 90 percent E currently at less than 2 dollars a gallon. I really don't trust pump gas on these 12:1 engines without methanol. If I didnt have access to e85 I'd probably have gone that route I would not trust 91 on any of these stage 2 kits.
  16. Whipple gen 5 vs edelbrock

    They're both good I have the edelbrock stage 2 with and e85 fuel system and it moves, instant power. The stock tune was not great, no part throttle power at all. I'd reccomend you get a good tuner and an e85 system on either it's literally night and day.
  17. Bank 1 Lean

    I'm having a similar problem, I wonder if it's a quality control issue with the ID 1050xs.
  18. P219A code AFR imbalance bank 1

    Has anyone experienced this code? I have a lethal fuel system with edelbrock 2650 on a 2018. PBD tuned, any ideas?
  19. What spark plugs for 2018 2650 e85

    What spark plugs and gaps are appropriate for a 2018 stage 2 edelbrock 2650 on e85?
  20. SCT Programmer Edelbrock SuperCharger

    I agree the N Gauge is a better device, ditching the SCT is definitely a must.