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  1. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    Turano mini French roll, roast beef, roasted chicken, mild cheddar, muenster, lots of oregano and toasted at 300 for 9 minutes in the ninja. Topped with a little diced onion, yellow mustard and lots of giardiniera. What do you know about that? For dessert some homemade, soft oatmeal cream pies.
  2. Coolest job you ever had?

    The coolest job was my first at 16. Busy ass pizza joint. $4.25 an hour but we took pride in our work, ate pizza when we wanted and partied pretty hard :rockon: there after work. Everyone including the managers were cool except for one of the drivers, he was a P.A.B.
  3. Horrible to see this

    Sometimes we are humbled and have learning experiences at the misfortune of others. RIP.
  4. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    It's so hard, to say goodbye...for the season. Last wash on both today.
  5. Steeda axle back

    After the LT's and H-pipe I said that I wanted more sound. @TundraOnKings that sounds crazy. Damn! I may still do it though. Mine's not a daily either so it may not bother me that much.
  6. Tell me what music you listen to when driving at night

    The mood dictates. Driving fast? Metallica or other metal. Big into 80's too. If I absolutely had to pick one song to drive to it'd be Freebird, preferably alone.
  7. Before and After Sound Clips - Exhaust

    Hey man I tried using the coupon code to buy the Roush (RSH-421834) and it didn't work. Any other codes that may work?
  8. Thoughts on this deal?

    Congrats on the car and hope you enjoy it but f....forget that "market adjustment". They can keep it. The problem is that if you don't pay it, they'll find someone else who will. Until people stop paying, then the practice will continue. I recently bought a vehicle and they removed it.
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Well I moved it out of the way so I could drive my VW (50's and sunny here today, WOW!) and I just ordered my tune update from AMR, post header install.
  10. Trying to get my car to hook.

    You went straight for the jugular with the HP increase. My NA car can get squirrely sometimes. The very issue you're having is why I am leaning toward not going FI. Good luck man!
  11. N/a worth it without e85

    Good advice in the thread. Get a flex tune and see for yourself. The dyno says different but I don't see a real noticeable difference in performance between running 93 or E85. What can make a bigger difference based on my experience is what tuning company you go with.
  12. Help with tunes

    I don't have it but know what you're talking about. Give them a call on Monday or send them a message to confirm.
  13. Before and After Sound Clips - Exhaust

    Safe links to my Google Drive July 20, 2021 68 degrees Cold Start Stock headers/exhaust These videos were taken about 90 minutes apart, Google phone taken first. Google Pixel Phone - Sony NEX-F3 Camera -
  14. Help with tunes

    I have an SCT as well and have a local tuner, DMark and also do email tunes from Auto Mafia Racing. DMark tunes my car in his shop and it feels a lot stronger than factory, but also very smooth. The best way to describe is that it feels like it should have from the factory. On the other hand...
  15. Are Mustangs Dangerous?

    Is the Mustang dangerous? I would have to say no. It can be driven in a dangerous way, however the car itself is not the danger, it's the driver.
  16. SVE R350 wheels

  17. Void warranty?

    My '16 feels like a different beast compared to stock form. Night and day... Before you go adding power though, what tires are you running? If you're running the all season stock tire, this should be one of the first upgrades. Have you thought about any suspension work to put down the power...
  18. Buying a mustang GT

    2016 has turn signal lights in the hood, which is pretty cool. It's the only year that has them. Serves no purpose really but neat anyway. Check out this article for more information...