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  1. Nitto NT555RII vs MPS4S

    I run the R2s. I haven’t had any issues with longer drives whatsoever. Sure it’s a drag radial with 100 tread wear, but they have been fantastic. I’ve even been caught in in down pours with no concerns. Yes, they hook really well according to my Dragy. I can’t compare the the PS4 as I’ve never...
  2. Silicone Reducer Adapters Not sure if they have exactly what you’re after, but worth a look if you haven’t already.
  3. Gas nozzle stuck

    Costco in Ontario only has 91 octane... so that’s a hard no here. Perhaps top tier as it’s listed, but they need to get some 93 or 94 as 91 won’t cut it. What do they sell in the US? As for the nozzle getting stuck, I’ve had that on my other Ford. I think I pushed it in too deep and the way the...
  4. Steeda, dasilva?

    Tell us more... parts, tuning, dyno etc. Specializing in what brands specifically- Ford Chevy etc...
  5. Help Identify Edelbrock E-force Belt Tensioner/Find Replacement

    Good luck finding it!! What was the issue with blow by? Get that fixed up?
  6. Glasses drawer

    I love your set up!!! well done!
  7. Whatcha Watchin' M6G

    Haven’t read the thread so not sure if these are mentioned anywhere. Some for older crowd! Kodi box likely required... Hogan’a Heroes, Gilligan’s Island, Happy Days... One of my favourite shows though, BURN NOTICE! Guess I’ll read the thread now...
  8. Safe Injection Sites - Opinions Please

    As the title says... Now, I’m a very open minded person and I don’t tolerate anything as far as racism or discrimination of any sort. I fully believe that what you do doesn’t have any effect on what I do; I don’t judge so please don’t judge either... However, just watching the news and I see...
  9. Water-Methanol Injection

    Thank you sir. So adding in external fuel as in methanol might leave the opportunity for ignition except that it will be VERY lean. I would guess this would hold true on a wet nitrous system as well. If I understand correctly, this could not occur without an added fuel source outside of the cars...
  10. Water-Methanol Injection

    please explain! I have a Gen 2 - is there a difference between the Gen 2 and 3? I haven’t gone to meth injection yet, but has been on my “to do” list at some point. Should I rethink this? thanks! I as well as most appreciate your knowledge and insight!
  11. How many miles a year is too many for a blown 2021 GT

    I will add to this as well... Buy a good kit and drive it. Enjoy it. There’s MANY supercharged cars out there using roots style blowers right from the factory with no warranty concerns or issues. Hell my brother’s F-Pace R is supercharged and that thing gets miles put on! I honestly can’t see...
  12. This be racing weather

    Lol. What part of Mexico is Winnipeg in? Gimli glider FTW better than mine!
  13. Engagement Ring Idea

    The family heirloom has much more sentimental value than dollar value. Believe me (and my wife), there’s a whole lot of other fingers and ears and wrists and necks that will also need to have diamonds lol. Start with the heirloom. Have a look at a Steven Kretchmer design setting to place it in...
  14. Kitchener meetup - Oct 17 @ 3pm

    Sounds good! good luck and let me know when you’re going there!
  15. Kitchener meetup - Oct 17 @ 3pm

    Yea... just had a hockey game pop up for my son as well go figure. I’m good through the week as well - early evening - if any days look good!!
  16. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I completely agree with the tuning aspect! I too am running a Lund tune and couldn’t be happier. I remember discussions with them prior to even doing the tune and making sure I had the right equipment and going over goals with the car. For me, I’m not chasing a number and track time is farther...
  17. Centrifugal supercharger

    Interesting. I have the R2s and felt that they actually fit bigger than comparable tires of the same size. I run mine at 25 psi cold on the street.
  18. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Interestingly enough, the Vortech V7 JTB flows 1600 cfm according to the Paxton / Vortech website. The G3 looks impressive. Comparable to the JTB and even more than the D1X. But like everything else, take things with a grain of salt. Efficiency etc and blah blah blah. Kevin’s G2 runs hard with...
  19. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    For comparisons sake. Procharger SPECS AND COMPARISON P-1SC-1 P-1X D-1SC D-1X Volute Diameter 9.00" 9.00" 9.00" 9.00" Max Supercharged HP 825 950 925 1,075 Motor Base HP Range 200-450 300-500 300-500 300-550 Max Flow (CFM) 1,200 1,275...
  20. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Paxton 2200sl specs say 1450 cfm. Performance Specs Internal Step-Up Ratio: 3.61:1Max Speed: 52,000 RPMMax Boost: 27 PSIMax Flow: 1,450 CFMMax Power: 1,000 HPPeak Efficiency: 76%Dimensions Discharge OD: 3.0"Inlet OD: 4.0"Discharge ID: 2.64"Inducer Diameter: 3.486"