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  1. Trying to get my car to hook.

    Do you have wheel hop too? If so, have you considered adding a Stop the Hop Kit?
  2. Last Dance Before Hibernation

    That’s funny! They make a song for just about every occasion. Crank this one up on the stereo whenever you wake the car up from hibernation. Yowsah! Yowsah! Yowsah! LOL
  3. Steeda Tri Ax shifter issue

    This is completely normal and just takes some getting used to. I have the same shifter (with the stiff springs) in my 2019 Bullitt and have inadvertently put the car in 3rd gear instead of 1st gear at a light. I’m now training myself to pull the lever hard left before snicking it into 1st gear.
  4. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    That‘s another cool idea! My garage door openers are the side mount or jack shaft type though. I‘ve actually been thinking of putting an orange LED light inside of the collector to simulate a glowing hot exhaust.
  5. Last Dance Before Hibernation

    Last Dance, haha! Here’s the perfect song to crank up on the stereo as you take advantage of that last dance and put her to bed for the winter.
  6. Am I crazy?

    Why not just have yours wrapped in Velocity Blue and upgrade the infotainment system to the 2018+ setup? It would save you a lot of money and night even feel like a new car to you. There’s also this upgrade which looks pretty slick. Lastly, I have active exhaust snd rarely cycle,through the...
  7. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    Very cool! I decided to mount only one header on the wall. Both may have looked better, but it would have also been a real challenge to find space for both.
  8. Ebay Headers (2021)

    Have you installed them yet? If so, how is the fitment? I’ve read they can be hit or miss, which blows my mind, assuming all mass-produced LTHs are made in a jig of some sort. They do look good in the photo that you posted though, so hopefully they fit like a glove and it’s money well spent.
  9. Ebay Headers (2021)

    They’re cheap enough to experiment with, so give them a go. Worst case scenario is, you will be out of some time for labor (assuming you plan to do the work yourself).
  10. How stupid is the idea of drilling holes for roof rack?

    Put some taller wheels on it to gain the clearance needed instead of drilling through the roof. Maybe not this big, but a few inches should do it.
  11. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Are you going to get acclimated with the car using the motor that’s currently in it before turning up the wick with a new engine, or go straight for max power?
  12. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    I think it will click off an 8 sooner than later.
  13. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Make it do, what it do! Looking forward to seeing the progression with this car.
  14. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    I’m blessed to have a 3 car garage all to myself to share with 2 motorcycles and some lawn equipment. Believe it or not, it seems like a challenge to get things mounted because it’s a different layout than our last garage. This one has 3 windows in it that eat up a lot of wall space. Here is a...
  15. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    A 1 to 1 scale poster to mount the header to would be really cool!
  16. New PB, Procharger 8.35 @ 165

    Love that sixty!
  17. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    Hey, it’s a start and it‘s wall art!
  18. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    Did you have to use Tapcons to mount everything to your block walls?
  19. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    For reference, here are some pics of the LTHs and mid pipe that I’d like to mount on the wall.
  20. Let’s see your garage Wall Art

    Yessir! I like the fact that it is functional and customized to your liking. It makes working in the garage much more enjoyable IMO.