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    If it's been 13 weeks, that's bad - but not bad bad. Regardless of what his "notice" says, you can't take people's money and hang on to it that long without shipping. 12+ Weeks is not a time frame. 12-52 weeks is a timeframe if it's really going to take him a year. I've dealt with this before...

    I love my Anarchy knob, but I got mine early when it was only 8-10 weeks from order to get it. However, waiting a year - you're more patient than I am. I'd do everything I can to get my money back at that point. It's unfortunate because he makes a nice product, but I don't think he should be...
  3. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    And don't think I don't agree with you, because I do :)
  4. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    I bought it specifically for the warranty. And, while it's true they "have to prove the failure is caused by an aftermarket part," it really boils down to them saying it was and then forcing you to prove it wasn't.
  5. Identify a Pre-Owned Ecoboost Performance Package

    Front Splitter outside is slightly different, larger brakes up front (compared to other EB), and in the interior the two gauges between the air vents, as well as the "turned finish" carbon like dash panel.
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    It's just dimples formed in the mold to show where to drill. Many cars do that to help so the holes aren't misaligned.
  7. Regret selling my DIB! What's the second-best option?

    At this point we're just talking to ourselves about the color blue since she's gone silent :lol:
  8. K&N DryCharger is useless

    I've had the Power Pack 2 with GT350 air box for 7 months now, and I've never had water get on mine after a car wash, or heavy rain ... Either way, it's not a K&N issue anyway.
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I popped my Steeda Spring and Perch in and will be heading out to a movie in just a bit to verify/validate how it feels. After I get back, I need to decide if I have enough time to get my car up on jacks and the Blowfish Racing shift bracket installed before this evening. Edit: well the change...
  10. Older Sync/MyTouch vs. Sync 3?

    So, I agree I liked the visual, more colorful "look" of MyFordTouch better. I loved being able to set my own wallpaper; I wish Sync3 had that - or least the ability to easily change the color scheme. This is all that was subjectively better. Everything else Sync3 has it beaten hands down...
  11. The ford performance air filter

    Learn new things everyday. I guess I just never searched well enough when I bought mine last November. For $11 shipped, I went ahead and will give it a shot. Thanks for the link!
  12. Steeda service.....not so hot. Now resolved

    I'd echo WhiteyDog. They've always proactively been in communication with me AND responded quickly to both emails and PMs. I hope your experience was just an aberration, and not indicative of future customer service. I actually owe Steeda a call back, but phones are tough for me too, because...
  13. The ford performance air filter

    They only make cleaning kits for the blue-oiled version. The directions say to use a mild detergent, like dishwashing soap, and let it air dry thoroughly. If you saved your last OEM filter, you can use it to plug the hole while this one is drying.
  14. Clutch Spring Removal to Aid in Linear Pressure

    I just ordered the Steeda spring, because I had a credit at Amazon and they had it in stock. Honestly, I am trying it to see what the hype is. I didn't have an issue with the stock one, likely because it was a similar feel to my '09 GT. I don't think I'd take it out all together, since she's...
  15. Revving

    I have had it happen on occasion and I usually just give a wave back. But, there are so many Mustangs on the road and many are bought by regular Joe's and Joette's that like the car, but aren't necessarily either Mustang lovers, or otherwise car people. I sometimes give a short wave to other...
  16. Clutch Spring Removal to Aid in Linear Pressure

    Actually, I'm the one that misread your comment, my apologies. :doh: :D
  17. Clutch Spring Removal to Aid in Linear Pressure

    I think he's using noise here like the word "hype" ... In other words, people built up the steeda spring as a godsend and he wanted to see if it met the "hype." While I certainly could be wrong, that's the only version that makes sense in this case (and it's a fairly common saying as well).
  18. Regret selling my DIB! What's the second-best option?

    It does seem a little odd a fiance would not want you to have your own mode of transportation, but that's just me ... Regardless, as someone else suggested, why not find one like you had? You'd pay less and have exactly what you wanted.
  19. Anyone switch from Charger to Mustang?

    My wife has a Lexus RC and I have my GT. We bought a used GLK350 as a third car for trips. It has nothing to do with which is more fun to drive, but on longer trips we all fit in the tiny SUV much easier than either of our cars and use it for around town most of the time. I can't blame...