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  1. What are your favorite 2022 colors?

    Gotta be the eruption green for me.
  2. Gas Prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I can’t run anything below 91 in my 392 so it’s not fun. It’s around 4 bucks a gallon here in IL for 93 which is what i usually run. Put 50 bucks in at a quarter tank the other day and didn’t even fill it up.
  3. 2022 GT500 order thread

    That green is gonna be awesome.
  4. Ford drops CFHP for 2022
  5. GT500's 5.2L Predator V8 Now Available as Crate Engine (Priced $25,995)

    A quick google search would tell you that the hellephant is an aluminum block engine, 30 grand is a ton of money but for 1000 hp and 950 pound ft of torque it’s not out of line with other offerings from OEMs. Of course it’s overpriced but it’s a great option for a clean build that’s not just...
  6. 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    Seems like they could have done a little more than just paint for what is probably the last V8 only gt500 but I do like the colors.
  7. What would you think this modded GT 500 is worth?

    I wouldn’t want a modded gt500 at all but not a dime over msrp if you must have it.
  8. GT500's 5.2L Predator V8 Now Available as Crate Engine (Priced $25,995)

    Biggest problem is i assume it’s made to bolt up to a dct which is not ideal for most builds.
  9. DCT Trans- same as C8?

    You could be right I just assumed they would beef up the ten speed. I don’t think a dct in a heavy pickup would be a good idea but who knows.
  10. DCT Trans- same as C8?

    No way is a dct going into the raptor. At least I hope not.
  11. 2022 GT500 in Eruption Green

    I think it looks great!
  12. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    I’m glad both are available, I love the torque of my 392 smashing the pedal at 30 and going sideways is a lot of fun.
  13. 2020 gt350R vs 1965 gt350

  14. In The News

    True it’s a track car and a very good track car I’m sure.
  15. In The News

    Zo6 is great but let’s remember the thing literally makes zero torque. My stock 392 makes 15 more, granted that’s part of the engine design but the zo6 will not be that impressive from a roll, I bet a gt500 will take it.
  16. In The News

    Probably the last pure V8 corvette.
  17. Oil leak... Common issue?

    What? The least they could do is loan you a car come on.
  18. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Odd man out here. Just a few pictures of my 2021 T/A 392 six speed manual Challenger.
  19. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    As someone who daily drives a 2021 manual t/a 392 challenger, I can tell you that at the 500 hp or so range that my car is I would much rather have the manual. I have driven the new ten speed 5.0 and honestly it’s uninspiring and somewhat boring in comparison, at least in my opinion. That being...
  20. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    You asked a question only you can truly answer. Drive it and then tell us.