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  1. MRR FS01 Flow Forged Candy Red 19" Wheel Set

    $2400 local $2600 shipped need these gone
  2. MRR FS01 Flow Forged Candy Red 19" Wheel Set

    Bump hearing offers. Perfect fitment for s550 and would like to get these a new home!
  3. MRR FS01 Flow Forged Candy Red 19" Wheel Set

  4. MRR FS01 Flow Forged Candy Red 19" Wheel Set

    $2850 SHIPPED!!! 5x114.5 Lug Pattern Front= 19x10.5 et25 285/35r19 Rear= 19×11 et40 305/35r19 Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 90% tread left on fronts & 75% left on rears 4 brand new TPMS sensors and will include black lugs and lock set. NO curbrash, marks or scratches. Located in AZ
  5. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    That's all they posted today. We have a BBQ/meet/hangout this Sunday and definitely get some good shots and possibly a little burnout video???
  6. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Here's one from the Element Wheels photographer, love how it turned out with the back drop.
  7. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    The 11" and 10.5" both have the same face concave. This is what I wanted, Carlos and the guys thought a 10.5 would be too much of a concave on the ecoboost PP brakes (same as base GT) and not clear. After Element Wheels took the time todo some measurements, sent them over to Carlos and it...
  8. Official MRR Design Flow Forge light weight FS01 info.

    Still can't believe how good they turned out! Thank you Element Wheels and Carlos at MRR for the great service.
  9. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Element Wheels came through big time with these MRR fs01 in record time! Better shots to come but just a quick cell phone picture. F: 19X10.5 et25 285/35r19 R: 19×11 et40 305/35r19
  10. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    One last look from the back, unfortunately I said goodbye to this current setup this past weekend and placed an order for a set of forged 19s. The Ferradas are a great wheel option but just a little too heavy for what I was looking todo with the car. Now the wait for the new setup!
  11. XXR 19×10 Fitment

    The front face of the wheel will be pretty flush with the fender. The rear will poke about 10mm passed the fender. It's a pretty aggressive offset for the s550 rear.
  12. Official MRR Design Flow Forge light weight FS01 info.

    Can't wait for these!!! Ordered the set from ElementWheels yesterday and excited to be the first to try this aggressive of a set up.
  13. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Dust cap clearance on the fronts. Rears are just to keep squared with fronts. Don't need on the rears otherwise
  14. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Check out my instagram @lol_ur_gt
  15. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Lowered on Steeda Progressives
  16. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Ferrada Wheels fr4 20×10.5 F: et28 3mm spacer 275/35r20 R: et38 3mm spacer 295/35r20
  17. Official PK Auto Design Wheel Thread | Weights | New Releases | Questions & Answers

    Any chance you know the weight to the new Ferrada F8 Fr5 or Fr8 20x10.5 yet?
  18. Steeda Forum Discount code?

    Can you pm me a code also, I misplaced the one from the first order for the clutch assist spring a few months ago.
  19. Accessport installed with issues

    After a few drive cycles it feels alot better. I had the same feeling after the stage 3 flash. After about a day, I could tell a huge difference but first pull felt the same way.