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  1. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Got the front alignment all set and took it for a drive. What a nice machine. No squeaks, no rattles, nice exhaust note, overall a really nice car. No regrets.
  2. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    What's the problem with the two piece, funky lug-nut design? I don't like it either but what's the failure point and how much of a problem is it? Also, a bit annoying that the lug nut recesses are much deeper in the front wheels than the back, lots harder to start the lug nuts. Not a big...
  3. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Thanks for posting, that's useful. The rear suspension sure seems complex, lots of links, arms, bushings and mounting points. I'm sure there are reasons (hopefully reduced camber and toe change through the full range of suspension motion), however it's clear from the angles to the carrier if...
  4. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Front ducting for brakes is not rocket science but a nice and simple solution.
  5. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    I'll post some interesting things about the Mach 1 today. I have the car on my lift. First finding, wheels and tires are heavy! Front wheel - complete balancing weights and everything - 59.3 pounds Rear Wheel - as above - 60.3 pounds Total weight all 4 wheels and tires - 239.2 pounds.
  6. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    I agree, just 2 more gallons would make a big difference and give you range at least a bit closer to most other vehicles on the road. No one loves the gas station, especially now!
  7. How much does the Stock Mach 1 Hood weigh?

    I don't know either but I agree it's really heavy for a hood. My last hood was aluminum and seemed reasonable weight. Awful heavy to have that big brick on the top of the engine compartment.
  8. APEX Wheels | Introducing Our Forged Sprint™ Line - Our Lightest Wheels

    Looks great and nice job with the engineering. I know you have 18" group buy, I'm waiting for the 19" wheels. I'm on your mailing list. Looking forward to a set. Well done!
  9. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    HI Zach, Thank you, overall excellent experience. You guys could have ordered up a little better weather! Wasn't too cold but the wind was brutal!
  10. Mach 1 oil grade

    My motor is brand new, no oil or filter change yet. Experiencing exactly what you are seeing. When cold the oil pressure is pegged at 100 PSI and when at operating temp and fully warmed up the oil pressure at anything above 2400 rpm the oil pressure runs 80 psi. Does the Ford racing FL820...
  11. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Three different methods each has their own pluses and minuses. Keep in mind I adjust my camber for the track, generally I run -1.5 camber in front on the street and -3 on the track on my prior street-track car. My understanding is the Mustang likes about the same. You can't just get an...
  12. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    I've updated my original post. Checked my front toe this afternoon, I have 1/8" of toe out, that is a lot. It's visible to the eye just standing over the front tires on either side.
  13. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

  14. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

  15. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    It could be my alignment was a one-off. Of course if more people are experiencing it then might be worth a check on an alignment rack. When you put the steering wheel completely straight and look at the front wheels standing over the fender on my car it was obvious the fronts of the tires were...
  16. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

  17. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

  18. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    I had the PPF done locally in Iowa before the drive. They did entire front, hood, fenders, bumper, rockers front to back and then had side windows and rear window tinted. Overall, excellent work. I had seen their work on a prior trip and thought I'd just have it done before the trip. See...
  19. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Couple of questions for Mach 1 owners 1) How do you turn on the heating for the steering wheel? 2) Is the FordPass WiFi complementary for a trial period or do I need to sign up for WiFi and if you need to sign-up, how do you do that?
  20. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Granger removed the fender emblems and PPF shop took off the decals. I like the look too. It's a bit understated but the car has nice lines and I don't think it really needs the decals.