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  1. 15-20 GT350 Timeless Design

    Thanks for the detailed write up! I am all about the driving experience and still having fun with my 350 after 4 years so Ive decided its here to stay. Im curious about the new C8 Z06 coming out as it sounds like it may be a fun beast and have room in the driveway for it when the time is right.
  2. 15-20 GT350 Timeless Design

    I have a buddy with a 2015 C7 Z51 who is always trying to talk me into getting one. He feels his car is superior in every way other than the sound.I have never driven his car and he has never driven mine so just curious how you would compare the two from a drivers perspective?
  3. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Save the oem filter for use when the blue one is drying after a wash.You are supposed to let it air dry which takes a few days. I put my blue one in after waiting one day and the car was not happy at all!
  4. 2020 GT500 First Engine Issue ROD KNOCK

    I sent this video to one of my engine builder friends from flat rock who then forwarded it to his friend in the dyno room. He said the cold test machine they use can catch even the slightest vibration much less a knock.As Tomster and others have mentioned it is highly unlikely this car left...
  5. 2019+ Voodoo Changes

    Yes I am curious how much if any of a difference the amsoil will make. This certainainly makes a difference for anyone trying for an engine replacement since the consumption doesnt really kick in hard til after the first 1000 miles. Ford only looks at the first 500 after the oil change.
  6. 2019+ Voodoo Changes

    I have experienced the same thing. Mine will use a quart in the first 1000 miles after the oil change then 2-3 quarts every 1000 miles after that. I originally was using strictly amsoil but switched to motorcraft after burning through a couple of cases of the amsoil. I wasnt tracking...
  7. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    I am considering having an oil consumption test done and have been tracking my consumption for quite some time. I have noticed that the first thousand miles after an oil change using motorcraft or amsoil the engine may need only a quart to top it up. After that the consumption gets worse till at...
  8. First problem - air conditioning

    So after two summers of malfunctioning ac and replacing the compressor and evaporator it turned out to be the damn pressure switch....a 10 minute repair.
  9. My dealer wants inside my voodoo!!

    Guess my point is that the general consensus being that these engines will probably have a shorter life span than most, would I not be better off to use it longer as I heard they will re-start the warranty on a new engine ( or am I mistaken?)
  10. My dealer wants inside my voodoo!!

    Haven't posted for a while regarding my oil consumption log however I keep track of every quart I use. Since 2017 when I was averaging a quart every 475 miles I am now using a quart every 439 miles.I am aware of the 500 mile/quart that ford is saying to be the normal limit. I am just wondering...
  11. Fire Extinguisher Mount

    Wow thanks for posting this! I currently have a 5lb halon extinguisher and was looking at mounts for it. I think this is a better way to go and wont be punching a football field size hole in the ozone layer with it either!
  12. Tech Pack Class Action Lawsuit

    I read that the the two week trial was to begin on February 4 2019 right on Hagens Berman website. I see that never happened?? Just an update there now with that date on it.I noticed it around the end of January so not sure if it was a mistake or I misunderstood. Sorry bout that.
  13. Tech Pack Class Action Lawsuit

    Today is the first day of the scheduled two week trial regarding the overheating base/tech transmission. From what I have read so far it appears the judge is siding with the owners .
  14. My 2019 GT350 will be built the week of February 25th!

    Mine was built the week of March 16 and was in Seattle on April 3. The train had broken down in Battle creek Michigan which added a couple of days. My dealer in BC called me to pick it up on April 6 ( I am a 6 hour drive from Seattle).
  15. What's everyone driving this winter?

    17 tacoma trd off road on KO2 tires. First winter with this truck so hope its good in snow cause we get a shitload!!
  16. What will it reduce my oil consumption?

    I have plenty of posts dating back to spring 2016 regarding all of this. I believe I was one of the first owners to even notice oil consumption in an old thread titled "my voodoo is using oil" or My dealer wants inside my voodoo!! . The dealer took my word for it without any consumption test (...
  17. What will it reduce my oil consumption?

    Diagnosed and ordered valve seals spring 2016,finally received and installed fall 2017 started 12 months oil consumption log at that point till Oct 2018
  18. What will it reduce my oil consumption?

    Ford actually gave me a $1000 dealer credit as an apology for the seal shipment taking so long. There was a moment of panic at the dealership as they had misplaced the seals and i found them in a bag in the back seat of the car so I had them in my hand. If they did or did not actually install...
  19. What will it reduce my oil consumption?

    My engine burns a quart of oil every 475 miles. My dealer took a look with a scope and determined bad valve seals on two cylinders as well.It took ford about 18 months to finally ship the seals and do the repair. It is still using a quart every 475 miles after logging it for 12 months of use...
  20. The GT350 really is quite rare

    Yes from November through March its real winter alright.I was the first one in town to own one.A couple of my friends bought R models shortly after.I got my car. I convinced them to fly down to track attack with me and we all caught the track bug together. We started going on driving trips...