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  1. Best touchscreen/nav besides sync 3?

    follow this page on facebook so you could learn more about tesla units
  2. Forum promo code Steeda?

    Can you shoot a code down my way please and thank you
  3. anything gone wrong with your car?

    I’m at 76k miles. Only issue ive had is the cats went bad at 71k Ford replaced them under warranty. Other than that everything seems good
  4. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    We would love if you guys can make a video of the new unit! Does the "mode" button still trigger high AC?
  5. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I just want to see an install video on an actual mustang. And I'm wondering if it actually functions and responds better than the original tesla unit that I currently have installed
  6. CEL P1450 Evap/bleeding

    Funny thing, the code disappeared after I did the test and never came up again... I didnt have to replace it. Maybe by disconnecting the motor and reconnecting it the valve somehow fixed itself?
  7. CEL P1450 Evap/bleeding

    Believe it or not I JUST did this test after like 2 months of posting. I followed your instructions and indeed there was still suctions after I disconnected the power plug. I ordered a new one off amazon. Will install it on Wednesday.
  8. GT calipers with 17" wheels on V6?

    Where do u buy them from?
  9. CEL P1450 Evap/bleeding

    My car threw this code yesterday too... I hope its a simple fix
  10. What are members doing with thier stock exahust?

    I use it to scratch my back. Jk, recycled that garbage can
  11. Hey Guys, I'm back!

    That cluster tho ahhhh!!! How much did it cost you?
  12. MPT Tune Officially out

    Maybe its locked at an rpm range that ive never reached cuz i dont really miss shifts on paddle shifting. Also my car is automatic. Seems that alotta people are having a problem with 93. Seems that many areas provide bad 93 octane gasoline
  13. MPT Tune Officially out

    I see. Btw I was talking about neutral rev limiter. I think drive rev limiter is open
  14. MPT Tune Officially out

    So altho theres no option to switch the speed governor and rev limiter, they are still unlocked? I didnt try to go fast but the car is a beast now and can launch missiles with my exhaust and ported tb+ intake!
  15. Gig's Performance Engineering 77mm Ported Throttle body

    Installed mine today. 15 min job took 4 hours because of ONE stripped bolt... Had to literally break the old throttle body where the 4th bolt is connected in order to unscrew it. I know this looks like a horror show but it got the job done. This pic is off the old tb
  16. MPT Tune Officially out

    So I got my custom tune today and loaded it up. I was wondering why it doesnt let me set the rev limiter past 5100 and why cant I remove the speed limit? It seems that I can do whatever on the preloaded tunes but not the custom tune. I’d appreciate the help
  17. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Its a matter of opinion my dude. In my opinion, this unit is worth having. Is it worth the money? No. Is it worth having in your car? Yes. I’m absolutely loving it. I was scammed out of my money but I’m a happy scammed customer. Lol
  18. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    You made it very clear that this unit isn’t worth it. You’ve done your part, we release you from your pain