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  1. Reliable Department of Boost daily driver set-up

    vmp was selling their complete gen2r kit for 5500, id just go with that
  2. For any one with a supercharger did you upgrade the oil pump gears?

    nope, but i dont drag race, bounce off the limiter or have a 2 step, just a weekend toy..motor pops, i'll just build it better, running 700 wheel on a vmp gen3 kit
  3. Wanting to go boost Paxton Vs VMP

    i was in the same boat, i went vmp gen3. the insta tq is something a centri blower will never have. see if any locals have either setup and go for a ride. imo the price on that gen2r kit isnt that great, i paid 6600 for the gen3 kit, which has the twin 67s and triple pass heat exchanger
  4. Bullitt Red Brembo Caliper kit

    how much for the kit less the pads? just the fronts?
  5. Time to upgrade to a Fuel system, here is what I’m considering.

    any update on the kit you plan on developing? currently on a vmp gen3 looking for 800wheel since i'll be out of injector and id be happy with 800
  6. Steeda New Product Release - Steeda Mustang Trunk Pop Kit

    so i was thinking about ordering these, what is the consensus thats its a 50/50 shot they will work fine without an alignment?
  7. Why are there so many 15' Mustangs for sale?

    people get bored, want the latest and greatest, and take an absolute bath when they sell a 15-17 with a power adder for barely 30k. lol
  8. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    i just had mine mounted today in a 275/35/20 the traction with these is amazing. i figure i am around 700 wheel and i was just spinning on the regular 555s.
  9. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    Nothing beats vmps triples pass far as i know
  10. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    did you go roush for warranty reasons?
  11. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    ordered yesterday, got them today!
  12. High IATs with Whipple

    i thought it was over 150 then it pulls timing
  13. Kenne Bell 2.8l LC Installation Video/Journal/6 Month Review

    your joy when it started was get some driving videos up so we can hear that whine!
  14. How many tune revisions did you need after supercharging?

    vmp did mine after they installed my gen3, car ran perfect from that original tune
  15. High IATs with Whipple

    stock heat exchanger or did you get the larger one?
  16. Nitto NT555R Drag Radial | NOW Available

    hoping for that price that was supposed to be released today
  17. Initial impressions of my VMP GEN2R GT

    And a gen 3 will make 1200.. With a bigger heat exchanger and throttle body..
  18. Initial impressions of my VMP GEN2R GT

    id log that tune on the dyno. i dont have any dead spots anywhere