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  1. 2022 GT500 order thread

    I always say I'll never get another black car. Then I do and I drive myself insane keeping it clean. My only other little gripe is that the Grabber Blue available for 22 is metallic. The grabber blues of years past were not metallic. I've also considered Atlas Blue with Black stripes as my...
  2. 2022 GT500 order thread

    yes. Basically the same car but just velocity blue for 21. I would of reordered velocity should it have been available. The only debate I’m considering it changing to black with grabber stripes. I had a 2011 in that combo and it looked fantastic
  3. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Well my 2021 order was one of the ones with a VIN that got axed by ford, so my allocation has been given back to the dealer for a 22. Order has been put in as the following CFTP Atlas Blue White painted OTT Technology Package Blue Car cover Ford is supposed to give these Allocations priority...
  4. Are they still shipping the 2021 Gt 500?

    I am going to speak with them tomorrow and see what we can work out. Not thrilled about it but while I have to pay ADM for the CFTP, the ADM we agreed is not bad at all and even the 3K increase is still way cheaper than what dealers are asking for 21s. Ive only found a few 21s that are the spec...
  5. Xpel over matte stripes?

    This thread is 5 years old
  6. 2022 GT500 Order Guide

    Cool to see the amount of colors that are available for painted stripes. Carbon grey, code orange, grabber blue, and Wimbledon white. I miss my old 2011 GT500 that was black with grabber blue stripes from the factory. I am going to be back and forth on blue with white stripes or black with GB...
  7. Are they still shipping the 2021 Gt 500?

    Your order was likely canceled even if you had a VIN. I fell into the same boat. I had a 2021 order placed in April and a VIN assigned in August. Build date went from october to december to november then to TBD. My sales manager reached out to the regional rep and confirmed it would be canceled...
  8. Brake Dust/Wheel Cleaner Preference

    Sonax Wheel cleaner plus for me
  9. Fuel economy issue

    My cars MPG have dropped across the board with winter blended fuels. always seems to be sometime in october they start. my 350R when from 13.5-14 around town to 11.9-12.5. Wifes ST and my F150 have had roughly the same average drop
  10. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    Enjoying this last week of good driving weather in the northeast. Temps in the Mid 60s in my area then its back to the 40s and 50s next week and probably not getting much better until March. I typically get my car ready for storage around Thanksgiving unless we get snow before then. I did take...
  11. 2021 GT500 Production Scheduled to End at the End of November

    Got to make the best of it at this point. Even it gets build before the shutdown, it gets delivered at best in December. Being just outside Philadelphia, it wont be good driving weather so it would tantalize me a bit just sitting there. You know the drill in MA more so than I. Getting my last...
  12. 2021 GT500 Production Scheduled to End at the End of November

    I have a vin and I had a December build date. Today it's now saying TBD so I’m betting mine is canceled. not upset if I have to reorder a 2022. Don’t have to store it for a northeast winter and I can set more money aside. Plus I love atlas blue and I’m very curious to see the blue/purple color.
  13. Test driving - this normal?

    Some motors eat oil some dont. I have been lucky with my late 17 build that eats almost no oil but I check it often. Mostly after its filled up. I keep a quart of oil in the trunk if needed.
  14. Test driving - this normal?

    Clutch is susepct as it should not stick as others have said. As for the redline, I believe the ECU will limit the RPM to 8000 if the oil temperature is not above 190 degrees. I know Ive ran into this before on cooler spring and fall nights when cruising the oil can be down in the 170s and 180s
  15. 2021 GT500 Production Scheduled to End at the End of November

    my thoughts exactly. I believe the plant shuts down shelby and any mustang with Cup 2 tires after thanksgiving. We shall see
  16. 2021 GT500 Production Scheduled to End at the End of November

    I mentioned that when I spoke to my dealer and he wasn't sure if a car could be canceled once the VIN has been issued. Waiting to hear back from my dealer
  17. 2021 GT500 Production Scheduled to End at the End of November

    Funny I just talked to my dealer. I have an order order from 4/24 for a CFTP. My VIN was assigned on 8/4/2021. The car was originally supposed to be built this week. It was pushed back to November 1st this past Monday. When the dealer check today, it is showing a build date of 12/20/2021 which...
  18. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    I know the feeling. I ordered my car April 24th and wasn't issued a VIN until August. I'm schedueld for production I believe the week of 10/18, but I have to double check, barring anymore shutdowns.
  19. Iconic R Owners Thread

    I am not a silver guy, but Iconic is a beautiful color. I drove an iconic CFTP gt500 at the track tour this year and I was hard pressed not to change my order. If I was in the market for a 2020 R, i would have to get Iconic