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  1. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    Pretty sure it was in factory alignment, although I didn't ask him. Pretty sure he's not the typical track kind of guy.
  2. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    A little of both on the windy mountain roads in eastern Kentucky. (As much as the nannies that can be turned off.) While the tail WILL get out, it's much more prone to mild understeer than tail out oversteer. It was a much less white knuckled experience than my car for sure.
  3. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    I dunno. I've driven C8 Stingray Z51 and even when you're going all out, it's much easier to control than a Mustang GT. More controlled, more stable, not as eager to seek out a crowd or tree.
  4. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    Seems like they do pretty good, at least the Z51 mag ride variants. But, it's not really a track beast but more of a GT car.
  5. New Shelby American Mustang Teaser - For Dec 15 Reveal

    It will be something priced so far beyond it's actual MSRP that on one will ever get one?
  6. Will America again move to smaller vehicle (no politics)

    My new daily driver. 35MPG on 87 Octane. Save wear and tear on the Mustang. It may be "smaller", but it's not smaller on the inside. I'm not a truck or SUV person. That being said. These things are hard to get hold of. Got pretty lucky though. 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring. My...
  7. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    You mean someone not afraid to show their face? Gotta try harder than that Karen.
  8. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    Of course a lot of Mustang guys are going to hate it or put it down or ridicule some of it's styling, that's to be expected. Every time I see one, I want to run up to it and look. Still looks like a Corvette to me and makes my Mustang look dated in comparison.
  9. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    It's a beautiful car. Makes the S550 look dated and that's hard to do. It's not even close on what level this car is compared to the Mustang platform.
  10. Help! Digital dash glass is dirty from inside!

    Ahh, that famous Ford fit and finish. How did that even happen though?
  11. Will America again move to smaller vehicle (no politics)

    I bought a new 11th generation Honda Civic Hatchback as my daily driver. (shrug). Gets nearly 40 mpg with 87 Octane. Interior quality puts my Mustang GT to shame. So yeah, maybe some of us will start buying smaller cars.
  12. '21 Mach 1 with no rear parking sensors?

    I think that's part of a package? Come to think of it, I don't ever recall hearing a warning sound on my GT/CS. I'm used to the sound on all my other vehicles though.
  13. New FPC Z06

    Then you ARE doing it wrong. Those paddle shifters are there for a reason. :)
  14. New FPC Z06

    You’re doing it wrong is all I can say. 🤪
  15. New FPC Z06

    DCT is where it’s at. I’ll probably never be interested in a manual transmission in a modern car again.
  16. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    Well, the sudden stoppage of gas fueled vehicles will put millions out of work. Oil companies have a lot of money and power and I am sure that they have their hands in the electric side of things too - if not, none of us would be having this discussion.
  17. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    The problem is that no real solutions are forthcoming. While all of these countries at the climate summits pretend to work on solutions, they are just looking at ways to line pockets of the elite. Hell, even those who claim to be champions of the environment (Al Gore) are some of the largest...
  18. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    We'll see. Those old fashioned V8s are bulletproof and make a ton of torque.
  19. 10R80: jerky when coming to a stop in manual shifting mode

    It's weird, because the same transmission, in the Camaro, is much better tuned.
  20. 10R80: jerky when coming to a stop in manual shifting mode

    Speaking as someone with a GT/CS and the 10 Speed, the Ford Performance tune, at least for my car, solved pretty much every gripe I had with the transmission. It shifts smoother, holds gears longer and all of the jerky downshifts when slowing to a stop have gone away. Not sure why Ford hasn't...