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  1. How stupid is the idea of drilling holes for roof rack?

    This can't be a real thought, the tow hitch and bike rack questions always make me cringe as well.
  2. '22 Model Year information

    Did your dealer give you a starting production date for the EG Mach 1? I ordered a EG GT and was told by my dealer GT EG production starts mid-February due to the late availability. Being in CA it will take a month to get out there, but may be earlier than you think.
  3. 2021 mustang gt premium caliper covers

    I'm a mechanical idiot, and painting them with the G6 kit was very easy. If you are able to put the car on stands/lift, the rest is simple. It looks stock as well, as long as it's not an unusual color.
  4. (UPDATE) Is it totaled??

    Sorry man, this makes me sick for you. The amount of deadbeats we currently have in society has been multiplying at a scary rate the last 10 years. Texting while driving, no insurance, etc. I'm SHOCKED the azzhole told you he was texting. Must be dumb as rocks, which makes sense given his...
  5. Dodge Challenger and Charger to be discontinued after MY 2023

    It's not a generalization, Mustangs/Camaros are very lease averse due to lease pricing, so that leaves the Dodge products for the deadbeats, who can't afford to actually purchase cars. Those vehicles are very easily attainable for the high risk loan group. From this mornings Detroit Free...
  6. Dodge Challenger and Charger to be discontinued after MY 2023

    I didn't mean to imply that, apologies if I did. F & GM have average industry lending standards. That is not the case for Stellantis brands. In 2017 I leased a Challenger R/T dirt cheap, $240 a month, to see if I enjoyed having an impractical summer fun car to put in storage 5 months a year...
  7. Dodge Challenger and Charger to be discontinued after MY 2023

    Nah, I live in SE MI with more domestic vehicles than any area in the country, and Dodge owners in general are another breed, that company will sell lease to any deadbeat, unlike F & GM. Almost every vehicle related crime (drive bys, hit&runs, freeway shootings) in this area involves either a...
  8. 2022 Mustang Build & Price app.

    Good question, I ordered a '22 about 4 weeks ago and had read beforehand it may be into next year before that site is updated. I ordered one of the new colors, site unseen, would have liked to have seen it first.
  9. Just Ordered a '22 Eruption Green GT

    Sorry to keep bumping my own thread, but Vroom has a sale pending on my old car for $800 less than what they paid me. The credit union was just paid yesterday, and waits 10 business days from that point to send the lien release, so Vroom can't even officially give up possession of the vehicle...
  10. Winter storage

    I put mine in covered storage, don't see it from 12/1 until 4/1 when I pull it out. -Fill up, add some Stabil -Moth balls still in the bag and on paper plates on top of each wheel (yeah, don't spread them out in the vehicle) -Unhook battery -Cover -Say good bye
  11. Just Ordered a '22 Eruption Green GT

    After 2 weeks, got my direct deposit payment from Vroom, it took a little longer than normal but that was completely my fault as I had no idea I needed to email them the bill of lading. Think I got lucky, was going to dump about $30k into a stock for 5 months until I get the '22. That stock...
  12. Ford Merchandise

    Funny thread, my wife was hired out of school to work on the 2004 gen 1 launch team. She grabbed me a few things: one was a really comfortable blue Mustang GT fleece pullover I lost 3 years ago, the other was an orange GT gulf pullover windbreaker I still have in my closet and have never worn...
  13. Do you rev at other Mustangs?

    Seems kind of juvenile, like you're trying to impress someone. And street racing ain't cool.
  14. Just Ordered a '22 Eruption Green GT

    Welp, off she goes, flatbed showed up at 8:30 this morning, with nothing but a 10 minute call ahead, which I missed. Alright Vroom, the ball is in your court now
  15. Just Ordered a '22 Eruption Green GT

    Thank you everyone, appreciate the kind words! With the way manufacturing and supply chains have been impacted, if I get it before June we'll call that a win. My wife thinks she can get me in to see it made, that would be fun to watch, but no guarantees.
  16. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Carvana offered me $34,500 and Vroom was $37,300, so I just sold to Vroom this week before ordering the '22, it's a 2019 base GT with 8,600 miles I paid $36,000 for 2 years ago. I am no longer driving the '19 and want it gone before something happens to it, this deal is too good to be true. I'm...
  17. Just Ordered a '22 Eruption Green GT

    Good question, not a single item showing the color, this is flying blind.
  18. Just Ordered a '22 Eruption Green GT

    400A package, you guys talked me into Active Exhaust, and they did say the EG cars won't start production until February 16th. Edit: the 450 HP change did depress me a little, but oh well
  19. Mustsng sales down challenger tskes lead

    Yep, living in metro Detroit, which I'm guessing has more domestic vehicles than anyplace in the world, for obvious reasons, we see enough of who drives what type of vehicle to make generalizations. We see where they live, how they behave and how little respect they have for other drivers. I...