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  1. 2022 GT500 order thread

    How did you confirm the order?
  2. 2022 GT500 Order Guide

    Mine was submitted last night
  3. You and your LE.

    Picked up 1125 today! (Hopefully this upload works)

    YAY!!! Enjoy!
  5. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Anyone here get a good financing rate? Who did you finance through?
  6. LE Production

    You didn't see it right ;-) That was to purchase the "right to buy" the car only, not the purchase price of the car.
  7. LE Production

    1125 WW MT
  8. LE Production

    I got my VIN!!! The waiting is a little easier now! :clap2:
  9. Dealers with no markup on 50th LE

    Looks like LaFayette Ford in NC might have a WW/Auto...
  10. LE Production

    Does anyone know if they will assign more VINs soon? Haven't been waiting as long as some of you, only since early July....
  11. 2015 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    I have been following all of these threads for months... finally had to register since I ordered an LE! Thank you everyone here for all of the information!