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  1. 100k service needs

    I've got a 2015 EcoBoost that is turning 100k miles next month. It has been a great touring car with no problems. What do I need to do at the 100k service? It's stock now except for axle-back Flowmaster exhaust. TIA.
  2. Experience with "" tunes

    My 2015 EB Premium has been a great car. I got the EB since I wanted a great driving/handling car on fun roads, and now it's turned 72k miles. Now I'm considering a 'tune' to increase hp and mpg. One option I've seen is at Has anyone had experience with this brand? Are they...
  3. Replaced leather seat back cover, for the second time

    A little 'fill in' info: I noticed the second seat cover tear in April of this year, 2019, with 60k miles. They took pictures and said they would send to Ford to see if they would cover it. I then stopped by the dealer 4 times between April and September, but they kept saying they were still...
  4. Replaced leather seat back cover, for the second time

    I've now had to replace the leather seat back cover for the drivers side seat for the second time on my 2015 EB. The stitching in the upper left side of the leather seat back came apart, and could not be repaired. The first time warranty covered it. This time no such luck. Replacement cover...
  5. Engine swap to larger EcoBoost

    I've got 65k on my '15 EB and it's been a great car. Has anyone swapped a larger EcoBoost (2.7L or 3.5L) for the stock 2.3L? I'd think there would be a lot of good used larger EB engines since so many have been in trucks and other Ford cars. Just wondering.....
  6. Full tank in miles you get? (Ecoboost, GT, V6)

    I've got a '15 EcoBoost and always drive in Sport mode. For the first 60k miles I've averaged 31+ mpg with mostly highway driving. So when I gas up, the Miles to Empty is always 400+ with a high of 508. I just drive it from April thru October, and park inside the rest of the year. Very...
  7. Appearance Upkeep

    I've used Aerospace 303 to clean and condition without the greasy feel. Very good conditioner.
  8. Daily Drivers

    Mine is warm weather DD, my Escape EB 2.0 is my winter driver. This Mustang is such a joy to drive, especially on non-linear roads.
  9. Magnetic owners - how hard to upkeep

    My Magnetic EB has been much easier to look clean compared to past black cars. Only problem is that I live on a gravel road (about 1/2 mile to blacktop road) and it gets dusty. Sure would like a good set of splash guards that don't have to be drilled to install and don't cost a fortune.
  10. anybody tried this?

    Has anyone contemplated putting a more powerful Ecoboost engine (either 4cyl or 6cyl) in a new Mustang. They've been making Ecoboost 6cyl for trucks for some time, would they fit into a Mustang?
  11. Surveying Ecoboost Owners

    The questions for Ecoboost owners 1) What do you like/dislike the most about it? === I've had my EB 6MT Premium now since last June. I've put 9k on it, but it was stored for winter. === LIKE = looks, handling, power when needed, mpg (30+ overall) === NotLike = sound 2) If you were...
  12. Full tank in miles you get? (Ecoboost, GT, V6)

    EB 6MT here, most always get 400+ when I fill up. Mostly hwy miles. Pigdoc
  13. Magnetic Coupes with Saddle Int?

    I had to order my Magnetic/Saddle EB Premium. It still looks gorgeous. It would be nicer if the saddle leather covered the whole seat rather than just seating surface. It would be great to find saddle door inserts to put more color in the car. Still, love the saddle leather.
  14. 2016 Ecoboost manual combined fuel economy dropped from 26mpg to 25mpg? Why

    I'm at 9k and 30.3 over all these miles. A bit better than I expected.
  15. Coasting in Neutral

    In my EB 6MT, when I coast like that the rpm's drop to 800 or so.
  16. Key Fob and car storage question

    If I left the key fob out of the car but still at the storage facility, how far from the car does it need to be to not 'active' and drain the battery?
  17. Saddle Brown

    I've got Magnetic/Saddle and it looks great. But the saddle color is ONLY the seat cover surface, no Saddle leather on door trim or anywhere else. Wish I could add after the fact. I too wanted the Ruby Red/Saddle with Premier trim, but not offered. The car is great though.
  18. How good was your dealer delivery prep?

    Mine was one of last '15 made, and the dealer did a decent job at prep. BUT: I had requested no dealer decals and they put one on the back, had to make them remove it. Also, the tire pressure was 38+ at all wheels when cold. Finally, the salesman was pretty clueless as to explaining to me the...
  19. As a grand touring car

    One of the best threads here lately. I got my EB 6MT coupe for a driving car. I've been on several medium to long trips and it is so easy to drive it's like I'm always going downhill. And when I was in Ozark curvy roads, it was a beast on rails. Extremely comfortable interior and 30.4mpg...
  20. New wheels w/pix

    I had ordered the 18" Foundry wheels with my Magnetic/Saddle '15 EB. While they looked ok, I just wanted a bit more bling. So being an oldster, and I really liked the chrome Bullitt wheels from my '06 GT, I moved to a bit brighter setup. I stayed with the 18" wheels and re-used the TPMS, with...