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  1. Ford oil separator

    I have a GT350 TB and CAI on my car (Power Pack 2) and I have both FP oil separators. The driver side picks up next to nothing. The passenger side has a few ounces each oil change.
  2. Looking for some advice.

    That is a very similar situation to the one I was in. I've been modifying cars for a long time now, but I was new to the S550 chassis. Previously I was a 3rd and 4th generation Camaro/Firebird guy and have built many of them to handle well in a auto-x or road course environment. Selecting the...
  3. Looking for some advice.

    Work directly with @SteedaTech . I called them and told them what I wanted, they worked with me on a complete solution to do what I wanted and I couldn't be happier. They cut me a deal on the price when they didn't need to. When it turned out I got a fluke noisy camber plate, they replaced in...
  4. Clunk in drivetrain when I shift under load from 1-2 or 2-3

    The clunk is caused by the rapid change in RPM of the main shaft and countershaft in the transmission. When you do the 1-2 upshift you mentioned above, the main shaft is spinning engine speed, when you pull the shifter into 2nd, the main shaft has to slow down several hundred RPM almost...
  5. Clunk in drivetrain when I shift under load from 1-2 or 2-3

    Is the thud less severe if you shift at a lower RPM? If you move the shift lever slower is the thud less severe?
  6. NVH level - body mount vs trans mount shifter

    My trans mounted MGW is as quiet as stock. No change for me in NVH.
  7. Mustang engines.

    Is the 6.8 rumored to be DOHC and 4 valve per cylinder? If not, count me out. It will just be more big 2 valve truck crap that GM and Dodge are doing. The Coyote trounces the others in hp/ci, so if they build a bigger V8, it would be silly not to be DOHC. A 6.8L engine with the same hp/ci as...
  8. Anybody do their own alignments?

    I got tired of the song and dance from "professionals" saying it was "as close as they could get it" or the more they talked the more I realized they didn't understand the math behind what they were doing. I've been doing alignments on a variety of vehicles including my Mustang for 15 years...
  9. Inner tie rod bad at 52k miles, anyone else had this

    Just had to replace the passenger inner tie rod on my '16 GT. The boot was fully intact and the car is not used in winter, but you can see the joint was a rusted mess. The rest of the tie rod looks like new, it's just the joint that rusted. I was shocked and disappointed that this failed with...
  10. MGW experience/suggestions

    I've just got the standard MGW shifter and an MGW ball. I actually like a longer throw, some of these short shifters are way too short for my taste. This shifter is still shorter throw than stock, but not so short I can't tell gear I'm in. The biggest improvement is simply the way the shifter...
  11. Finally fixed my wheel hop! (Suspension upgrades were NOT the answer)

    For most of the life of this web forum these cars were too new for most of them to have rear wheel bearing failures. As these cars age, mileage/wear related issues like this crop up more often and it will be more commonly discussed here. I've been on an '82-'92 Camaro/Firebird forum for over...
  12. Rear end popping/clicking

    If it comes back it's the thrust washer I promise. My noise showed up AFTER I put new rear hubs on. The thrust washer design was revised and the new ones are thicker.
  13. Rear end popping/clicking

    This will fix your problem.
  14. Manual Trans. Thud when shifting

    If you haven't been into the guts of a manual trans, then I don't expect this to make sense, but I'll explain as best I can. The thud is caused when the main shaft (and countershaft) inside the trans suddenly change speed. The synchronizers are pretty grippy and causes the main shaft to comply...
  15. Sway from the rear end during hard acceleration

    Check your rear wheel bearings. If they are loose that could contribute to this condition.
  16. Help. Steering or rearend issue IDK

    When my rear hubs went bad the car would go one way on the throttle and then another way when I got off the throttle. More noticeable in 2nd or 3rd gear under heavy throttle, jump on it and it would point one way and back off quickly and it would point the other. When I checked them both rear...
  17. Threats to our Prize Possesions [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    As far as I know thats not legal in Cook County is it? I didn't think that was legal hardly anywhere in Illinois?
  18. Creaking/Clicking noise from acceleration/deceleration FIXED!!!

    I had a new wheel bearing and new axle nut and mine still had the metallic clicking sound when rolling ahead or backwards. Replaced the thrust washer between the CV shaft and the wheel bearing with the updated one from Ford and problem is gone.
  19. Torsen clicking
  20. Snap/Click from driver's rear suspension