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  1. The "what things weigh thread."

    I'd like to add some items to the master list. All of these parts are for a 2017 gt performance pack manual. Borla sport catback system 50lbs, BMR front bumper bar 2.2lbs, BMR rear bumper bar 3lbs, and QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft 24.2lbs.
  2. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    Finally got the LCA bushings replaced with polyurethane ones last night. The ride has now smoothed out completely. I do have to say the rear end is a little bit less stable feeling now but not a whole lot worse but that is to be expected. If you want all out handling above all else those...
  3. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    Sorry to leave this thread in the dark but life decided to happen (newborn as of the 21st of April and im in the middle of a remodel of my kitchen and living room.) I've been in contact with the steeda reps and we have decided to try a polyurethane bushing with a free moving center sleeve. Part...
  4. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    Got the car re aligned this weekend. Rear Camber was sitting at -2.0 on both sides. Was able to get it to -1.4. The ride does feel slightly better but there is still a harshness. Talked to a steeda technician as well. And he is also thinking the spherical bushings are causing the harshness. We...
  5. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    Well talked to steeda this morning. He did verify the springs are meant to touch on the top coils so its not that. He also mentioned that an alignment can effect the harshness if it is to aggressive specifically the Camber. So I'm going to try and get the alignment checked this weekend. I also...
  6. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    Well I've been digging around the underside of the car and I think I may have found out what is causing the harsh ride (see picture below). Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think coils should be touching at static ride height. Needless to say steeda is getting a phone call tomorrow morning.
  7. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    Well when the road is flat and smooth the thing hooks and goes like magic so I guess there is that haha.
  8. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    Yeah swapping back to the stock shocks are not hard to do. Its for sure worth a shot at least. I'll probably try to swap them out tonight and report back. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    I did trim the factory bump stops down by an inch or roughly the 1st rib on the stops. I cannot recall 100% but I'm pretty sure I loaded the suspension before tightening everything down to spec.
  10. Steeda stop the hop enthusiast kit help!

    So over the winter I had installed steeda's stop the hop enthusiast kit along with their progressive rate springs, the pro active non adjustable shocks and the billet rear shock mounts. I have been driving the car for about a week now and the ride is borderline unbearable. The front end feels...
  11. Need help with tire sizing!

    Thanks for all the help guys. Looks like it's not worth it to go with the taller tire.
  12. Need help with tire sizing!

    It's mainly street driven with some light track duty thrown in. I'm incredibly tired of losing traction with the stock perrelis so I want something sticky with good tread life. I was not aware of the tread width rule. I suppose it makes sense to prevent balooning.
  13. Need help with tire sizing!

    Hey all, Im looking for some opinions on tire sizing and type for my 2017 gt pp with a 1" suspension drop. I have a set of 19" wheels 10" wide with a +40mm offset. ive been looking at two tire sizes either a 285/35/19 michelin pilot sport 4s or 285/40/19 michelin pilot super sports. The...