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  1. Looking for some advice.

    I went with bags which have adjustable damping and i have them set for a softer ride, i went to tail of the dragon last week and i had them adjusted stiffer and its day and night difference, but i got to say that bags arent for anyone, you gotta be a little more careful with them. As for...
  2. Need Opinions!!! Spoiler.....

    Get a cheaper alternative, got my gloss black from ebay and did a carbon overlay for 30$ myself, fitment is perfect and it has real carbon since i got the sheets from acp composites
  3. Oh the humanity

    wheels can be saved lol, By the looks of it i think it got hit by a semi :frown:
  4. Looking for a good tune

    The only thing i wish my v6 had is the premium screen, but i did a ipad set up and now i like it better lol. But like you said i had to have a manual v6, only thing i was missing was power, but with the back mounted turbo everything is how i wanted, more power than a 5.0 less weight and more...
  5. Looking for a good tune

    I see you went for a tune instead of the ecoboost! I went with AMR since i have boost but unleashed its pretty good too
  6. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    This pic was almost a year ago but i dont take pics with my phone anymore :camera: The difference between a good camera and a iphone camera is crazy.
  7. Getting the itch again

    Im going to download some pics from my computer today and post them here! I run the stock v6 wheels on the front sometimes lol, they are powder coated black so they match pretty good with the welds on the back, gives it that old muscle car look, and when im not running welds, i got rtr mesh...
  8. Getting the itch again

    Thanks! It is a really fun car, Main things i did, fuel pump, injectors, upgraded clutch, i have a 6466 double bearing turbo, upgraded driveshaft, short throw shifter, i got my car with 3.73 gears already so that was really nice, and one of the best things is that the turbo is rear mounted...
  9. Getting the itch again

    Seems like you have the right reasons to make the switch, you want an auto and something that feels faster but that at the end of the day its not, 27K its a little higher than what i would pay tbh, but in this crazy market its not that bad. If you want something faster a tune and air filter...
  10. Mustang Light Show

    Is there anything out there for mustangs like a tazer for chargers? I had a charger and got a tazer for it and people loved it in car meets, but know im trying to see if there is something similar for the s550’s
  11. Mustang rear ended

    This is the module And this is the 4th brake light kit There are some videos on how to install the...
  12. Mustang rear ended

    I did the 4th brake light mod and i got a flash module from amazon, hook it up and it flashes quick 3 times then goes solid red, besides the dashcam is the best safety mod you can do.
  13. Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    And you dont have to try and beat bots in the process! :giggle:
  14. Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    Do people really think that consoles are superior? peasants :facepalm:
  15. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    For me it was the diffuser and performance wise... i think my sig says it
  16. Age of mustang owners?

    That means im the only one under 20 in here... 😳
  17. My grandparents want to buy me a Saturn but I want a mustang.

    "i want a beast of a mustang" I think that part made it too obvious :crackup:
  18. My grandparents want to buy me a Saturn but I want a mustang.

    This has to be someone from the forum trolling us lol :idea:
  19. Car not starting

    Could be many things, but battery is probably the one, starter could be the other one, but from the screen message is probably your battery, mustangs batteries and known for being bad lol