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  1. "Mustang Mach E" Confirmed, Reservations Begin Immediately After Nov 17 Live-Streamed Reveal

    I have never seen so much fucking crying over something no one is making you buy . No one here owns the mustang name but ford . If they want to discontinue it they can, they want to rename it they can , and there is nothing anyone here can do . No one is making you buy it grow up

    So far I feel like In the sun I love the color a lot but in the shade it looks kinda dull and blah imo def needs black accents
  3. 2020 Mustang GT vs 2019 Observations

    Ya pretty sure they didn’t change a damn thing other then colors . Everything mentioned is different car to car . And the clutch spring needs to be taken out or replaced with one from steeda it’s way better
  4. Electric Mustang concept video (not official)

    To bad the actual one will look nothing like that lol . I think it will be a while before we see a true electric mustang . The suv thing idk I think it’s going to fall on its face . We shall see soon
  5. My BMW 545i feels faster than 2019 Mustang GT

    The auto is and feels faster but the manual just belongs in a mustang it’s fun if you aren’t going to race every weekend
  6. Anyone seen a new Supra

    ya you don’t have the same engine
  7. Anyone seen a new Supra

    Overpriced for sure though lol if I wanted to drop 50k I would buy a 340
  8. How many winter drivers

    moving projectiles .....
  9. 2020 mustang or left over

    After owning a 17 6 speed the a10 is just a better transmission
  10. 2020 mustang or left over

    haha rev matching a10 ftw
  11. How many winter drivers

    The salt does suck . When I had mine I went to the touchless car wash almost daily lol
  12. How many winter drivers

    Just curious how many people drive their car through winter ? Like actual snow not this Florida winter crap lol
  13. 2020 mustang or left over

    Lol I would have to be the biggest moron to buy a brand new mustang going into winter when I own a truck . The truck will get me to march and I will buy a mustang in April
  14. 2020 mustang or left over

    2k for a wrap since I know some people .
  15. 2020 mustang or left over

    My truck is being trading in is the point lol I no longer have use for it nor do I ever own two vehicles .
  16. 2020 mustang or left over

    Ya to me it’s just a matter of how much cheaper the 19 could potentially be. And while I know now is a good time to buy I don’t want to run out and buy winter tires . Rather let the truck do it’s job and I can save more for March or April if I can get a 19 gt 401a grey for 37ish I would rock...
  17. 2020 mustang or left over

    Ya the green is a mustang . My last mustangs have been regular colors and I get bored lol I don’t really want to buy with winter coming next month . The f150 can get me through winter this year then in April mustang
  18. 2020 mustang or left over

    So after 2 years in a f150 I no longer have a need for a truck and am looking at mustangs again. a 20 mustang lime green with 401a is like 42 with x plan which seems so high for a mustang . Only new thing I see is rev matching Am I better off getting a 19 and wrapping it green if that’s what...
  19. mmd quarter window scoops black

    Sir you were asking me to part out emblems that were already cheap as hell for the kit. Please do not post in the for sale thread if not interested in the scoops. Thank you
  20. mmd quarter window scoops black

    I sure am just not to you because you constantly are blowing my inbox up