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  1. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I checked the hood blanket on my GT, and the connector isn't rubbing. I did cut 1" off the tube prior to installing the elbow per the instructions.
  2. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    What cylinder head temperature is everyone seeing on the Gauge Detail screen? Mine is around 212F cruising.
  3. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I'm running Gulf 93 with no issues. My GT is all around stronger with this kit.
  4. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I used your pictures during the install, but the foam kept slipping out from under the top of the box no matter how much I tried. I had some similar foam, so I cut a piece to close up the gap.
  5. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I finished the install last night. I decided to cut the clamp on the sound tube near the strut tower and plugged the opening. This way, it would be easier to return to stock if needed. I found it easiest to attach the intake tube to the throttlebody with the intake box resting on the apron...
  6. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I tried that but the opening was so small that I couldn't get it that way either.
  7. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    What's the secret to removing the 10mm nut holding the sound tube to the firewall? I don't want to just rip the tube from the firewall, and I've spent many hours today trying to remove the nut. My install of this kit is on hold because of this issue.
  8. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Yes, it's a base 300A GT with the MT82 and the 3.55 rear. I do have the Ford Performance short throw shifter installed as well.
  9. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I called Ford Performance's help line this afternoon and was told that Ford would have to prove that "the parts of the kit or calibration explicitly caused the issue resulting in a warranty claim". Once you're passed 36,000 miles or three years from the original in service date of the vehicle...
  10. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Just ordered this kit from Levittown Ford thanks to Stangtime's excellent review.
  11. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    My factory powertrain warranty is valid until 8/16/23, and the extended warranty until 8/16/25. I really want this kit, but I can't afford major out of pocket expense right now should something not be covered.
  12. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Thanks. I'll skip this until my warranty expires. In the meantime, I'll get another stock airbox, remove the hydrocarbon trap, and put a K&N filter in it.
  13. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I really want to pull the trigger on this kit, but here's my issue. I can't get a straight answer from anyone regarding the impact of this kit on my powertrain warranty. I understand that if an ASE or dealer tech installs this kit, the components in the kit will be covered for 3 years/36,000...
  14. Ford Performance Shifter Noise

    I just installed the Ford Performance shifter in my 2018 GT. I left the stock bushings in the front mount of the shifter, because I didn't want the NVH that the metal bushings in the kit would transmit. I also reused the stock rear bracket. There's some minor NVH that wasn't present with the...
  15. Would you change you mind if you could reverse your Mustang Purchase?

    Same here. I'd go back to me 2010 GT or 2007 GT without hesitation. The S550 is ok, but I liked the S197 way more.
  16. Cold Air Intake vs Factory Intake 2019 GT

    I'm happy with the K&N intake that I installed on my 2018 GT. I noticed a bit more torque down low, and the IAT numbers seem to be similar to what owners of the Ford Performance CAI report. It fit much better than the Injen that I tried.
  17. Chemical Guys Butter Wax

    I've never tried Chemical Guys Butter Wax, but their cherry wax is absolute crap in my experience. It was a nightmare to work with when I tried it on a properly prepped surface.
  18. Chemical Guys Butter Wax

    I love Seal N Shine too, and I never thought I'd say that about a Turtle Wax product. In the past, I thought of Turtle Wax products as low budget. If I'm feeling ambitious, Jescar Power Lock Plus followed by Collinite 845 is my preferred combination.
  19. Polished Aluminum Wheel Cleaner?

    From what I understand the "polished aluminum" finish is a coating and not actually polished aluminum with clear coat over top.