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  1. LxMike

    Anyone here officially had the "Rona"?

    My niece, husband and there 2 1/2 year old had the corona and they said it was no worse than the flu. They are 30 years old so that might have something to do with it also. Hopefully if it is corona you caught it early...
  2. LxMike

    Mach 1 handling pack $3500
  3. LxMike

    I hate Christmas.

    Wake me when it's over.....
  4. LxMike

    2021 Mach 1 Pricing Announced and Order Bank Opens

    I was just reading this. Looks like it could break 60K and with any adm maybe 70K??
  5. LxMike

    Colder Temps = DAYYYYUM!!!!

    Density Altitude.
  6. LxMike

    Colder Temps = DAYYYYUM!!!!

    There ya go, move to Alaska then...
  7. LxMike

    Colder Temps = DAYYYYUM!!!!

    Not in the US. However if you dare to widen your search I found a few for ya..
  8. LxMike

    Colder Temps = DAYYYYUM!!!!

    When I lived in Fla we'd have to wait till January for this. I moved 800 mile north and now it's October and it's getting cool already...
  9. LxMike

    Lost FOB?

    Yep! 6.8 or 7.3?? :angel:
  10. LxMike

    Lost FOB?

    Thread killer!! :frown:
  11. LxMike

    Lost FOB?

    Oh myyy...
  12. LxMike

    Check out this Vette racing a couple of Mustangs

    Wow could have been much worse! First Mustang got outa dodge quick.
  13. LxMike

    How is the cammed life?

    Start with the basic boltons. 2018+ intake, headers and e-85 or just a 93 tune....
  14. LxMike

    Tail of the Dragon trip

    I live real close to the Dragon. Lmk next time you plan something and we can meet up somewhere in the area...
  15. LxMike

    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall Ford officially discontinues the Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R Thu, October 1, 2020, 6:00 AM EDT Just like the leaked product information indicated, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R won’t be...
  16. LxMike

    Attention home chefs!

    I could make so many of these about proper use of kitchen equipment...
  17. LxMike

    Attention home chefs!

    What was you cutting on it?? It could have been much worst! You just got a extra close manicure! ;)
  18. LxMike

    Sale GT500 Wheels or Keep?

    That depends who you SELL it to. To a dealer then I'd put the stocker back on. It it's to a private party then I've seen people advertise car can be sold with either set at a different price.