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  1. LICobra

    First time hearing/seeing a 15-20 GT350?

    In Dec 14' I ordered a 15' GT/PP spoiler delete with recaro's, I only added a Corsa extreme cat back and was very happy with the 6 speed and the gearing, When the advertising with pics and sound for the GT350 came out later in the year...I thought wow...what a sports car. I didn't actually...
  2. LICobra

    How do you make your GT350 stand out?

    Nice look, really like the black pin stripes...Looking to do guardsman or something close also with black pin stripes.
  3. LICobra

    Will I devalue my Factory Stripe Delete by adding factory stripes ???

    I'll contact them, thanks for the info
  4. LICobra

    Will I devalue my Factory Stripe Delete by adding factory stripes ???

    today I looked at the Big Worm website, lots of colors....Since I have two deck lids, I'll need to cover both....big choice gloss or flat ?? Are the added pin stripes separate or part of the larger stripe ??
  5. LICobra

    Will I devalue my Factory Stripe Delete by adding factory stripes ???

    No I really don't care what others think, also I didn't realize that removing stripes was that easy without any damage to the paint....good to know. I have already removed the Swing/deck lid and replaced the rear deck lid with a plain white one...not knowing yet what spoiler I will replace it...
  6. LICobra

    Will I devalue my Factory Stripe Delete by adding factory stripes ???

    I have my white 19' GT350 over a year now and thinking about adding the Factory stripes, wondering if it will depreciate the value...of course the dealer said it would not when I bought it, but would like to get owners opinions.
  7. LICobra

    2019 GT350 Production Numbers and Take Rates (Colors, Options & Configurations)

    95jd970 thanks for sharing the spread sheet. I didn't order mine and found it last July on a local Ford lot as I was looking for a stripe delete, my Oxford White with stripe delete is not remotely rare, but I'm sure glad I bought it. At this point in time I believe I have the only GT350...
  8. LICobra

    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    As the MACH 1 is being touted as the GT350 replacement with the Tremec transmission.
  9. LICobra

    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    Well we knew it was coming, as far as the Mach 1 as a replacement I don't see it, I guess new Mustang manual transmission buyers will have to figure if they want a new Mach 1 or a used GT350. I only hope the GT350’s will go up in value over time as Fords only Flat Plane Crank specialty car. I...
  10. LICobra

    Official “Love my Ford Dealership” thread

    It was a 99' with manual made a nice daily driver
  11. LICobra

    Official “Love my Ford Dealership” thread

    in the last 30 years I have purchased 8 new Fords (7 Mustangs and 1 Explorer Sport)...from 4 local dealer ships here on Long Island....I would like to say something positive....but I can't.
  12. LICobra

    What's the funniest/oddest/ignorant comment someone said about your 350?

    A few weeks ago just cruising on a Sunday afternoon a S550 GT owner pulled up next to me and looked at my car and saw the fender outlets and the GT350 badge and said I didn’t know they made a GT350 ???
  13. LICobra

    Are these vibrations a concern?

    My 15’ GT/PP was smooth with no vibrations, and I was a bit surprised from the vibrations I received from the GT350 with the flat plane crank...just an engine characteristic
  14. LICobra

    what are some of your favorite mods?

    I've made some small changes and additions, mud flaps, jack rails, strut covers and spare tire, but the Corsa resonator delete is by far the Favorite
  15. LICobra

    Is it normal for these engines to be hot as hell?

    I didn’t know that the clutch spring was changed in 2019, I wondered why there were complaints as it felt fine to me....
  16. LICobra

    2016-2020 Shelby GT350 LTH Resonator Delete X Pipe | Steeda Installation Video Inside!

    All the X pipes are a bit different with the pipe diameter, length, X design and some of us GT350 owners are looking to delete those resonators to emulate that "R" sound. So besides the normal stock exhaust vs X pipe sound difference, I think a better comparison would have been the LTH X pipe vs...
  17. LICobra

    Question on Lug nuts

    I had the black Gorilla lug nuts on my 15' GTPP, and after seeing this thread I just ordered them again for the GT350...
  18. LICobra

    Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    I also went with black lug nuts on my 15"GT/PP before trading it in...will probably do he same thing on the GT350
  19. LICobra

    GT350: What's Your Cruising Tank Range?

    My best mileage was 22 mpg , once I got 260 miles on a tank, then after I installed the Corsa res delete, my mileage went down to usually in the 230's a tank