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  1. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Weekend drive
  2. BMR SP080 – Excessive Rake?

    Here's mine with the SP080's and 25mm spacers and Steeda CC plates.
  3. Enabling Navigation

    Hello, anyone have the info and possibly links to enable nav for my 2015 GT? Thanks
  4. Enabling Navigation

    Oops, sorry wrong section
  5. Enabling Navigation

    Hello, anyone have the info and possibly links to enable nav for my 2015 GT? Thanks
  6. Another oil question

    Have a question, had a friend of mine give me some 0-20 PUP. Brand new. Is the viscosity good to use in my 2015 GT?
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed new shifter ball.
  8. Forscan EQ disable issue

    Hey PoCoBob, If you need any further help, I'm just around the corner from you lol. I'm in Maple Ridge. I have done some Forscan changes as well, including disabling the EQ.
  9. SP083 Alignment Specs

    Would these specs be good for the SP080?
  10. What did you name your Mustang?

    Wife name mine "Emcha" lol
  11. Looking for some input

    Yes, I will be replacing the DSP with the JL audio one. Yes the sound sounds like crap when the car is started but sounds good when only in acc mode. I've heard nothing but good things about the JL audio DSP. The sub amp does go into protection mode in when connected to the DSP and when...
  12. Looking for some input

    Will look into getting a battery after Xmas. Also thought about installing a capacitor that I have. Ive tried swapping the front to rear RCA's and same issue. I didn't try changing the RCA's from the sub amp to the four channel amp. As mentioned earlier, the Dayton DSP seems to do some weird...
  13. Looking for some input

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes the amp is on when the car is running. I have measured the rca's... getting around the .800ish volts on all fours. Once I had like 1.3ish on one rca. Maybe a misprobe? The rca's ate coming from a Hextall built harness. Black Molex plug. Was connecting the...
  14. Looking for some input

    Thanks for replying. Will have to check that out tomorrow. Thanks
  15. Georgia Viking Crusader

    did they sell?
  16. Looking for some input

    12.4 in ACC mode 13.6 in Run mode