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  1. Superchargers and HPDE/Road course

    I got bored and added a Vortech V3 package from Beefcake during the lockdowns. I also did OPG/CS. I have done suspension, chassis, brake cooling, hood vents and opened up front grill. I bought the kit changed the include 3.6 pulley to a 3.8 and tuned on 91. I asked for a conservative tune...
  2. 2022 Mustang Orders 4% under invoice (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    Do you give incentives on F250 Diesels to tow our awesome Mustangs to the track?
  3. Steeda Front End Link Ball Joint making contact with strut

    Thanks. I took them off and will look into the drakes.
  4. Steeda Front End Link Ball Joint making contact with strut

    Installing Steeda End Links and when I turn wheel end to end it makes contact with strut. I won’t turn it all the way because it looks like it will snap service nipple off. Does anyone know if this is a compatibility issue with my setup? I have Steeda Control Arms, lateral arms, bump steer...
  5. Rear Diff Cover

    I just called MMR and this is for cars with sensor, you will not need to buy cover. They also have an option for a billet cover but they said that is a couple of months out. That option will have heat sinks to further increase cooler.
  6. Poly vs. Spherical Vertical links

    If you decide to sell lmk, I’m in AZ as well and this is on my list of parts to get. And sorry I don’t have any feedback on your question.
  7. Arizona Rear Seat Assembly For Sale

    Bump- Still Available
  8. Arizona Rear Seat Assembly For Sale

    I work for a moving company and we have a location in Orlando. I will find out the cheapest way and let you know.
  9. 10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    I have tried this as well when at the track, road course, in Track mode. The jerking was not helped by completely letting off of gas, just created jerking from gear change under engine braking. I just give it neutral amount of gas before engine braking occurs. Problem I have is late in a...
  10. Sway Bar Upgrade worth it for 2021 PP?

    PP1 Front Sway Bar is also sprung load. After making some suspension upgrades it became more noticeable on the track and was really out of sorts. Installed the front BMR bar and it neutralized the issue.
  11. Arizona Rear Seat Assembly For Sale

    I have a complete rear seat assembly with all hardware, bolts, buckles, etc. only parts not included are the little plastic upper seat belt covers. This is out of a 2019 Premium PP1. $700 OBO
  12. Arizona How much is a complete rear seat assembly worth?

    Just removed the complete rear seat, buckles, belts, mounts bolts and all. How much is a fair price to sell it for in classifieds? It’s out of my 2019 Premium PP1 in black. Thanks.
  13. MACH 1 A10 Cooling v Mustang GT A10

    Does anyone know what upgrades to cooling for the A10 have been made to the MACH 1 v the Mustang GT? Still trying to find a solution to overheating trans at track. Thanks.
  14. 10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    Please keep us posted. If it works at lowering temps I would definitely want one.
  15. Anyone using a Mishimoto 3 Core Radiator with Vortech V3 Setup?

    I have a 2019 PP1 with a Vortech and want to upgrade to a larger radiator than the PP1. Mishimoto has been recommended but not sure if it will fit. On the Vortech install you have to trim upper radiator mounts and lean radiator forward a little. If anyone has this combo I would love to hear...
  16. Cooling Mod?

    Is this also needed for Gen3 5.0?
  17. Arizona ZL1 Addons 18+ PP1 Tow Hook Reciever

    Vortech V3 JT, it was a Beefcake Special.