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  1. My factory order was cancelled by Ford

    I'm in PEI.
  2. My factory order was cancelled by Ford

    Finnaly got word back from dealer... bad news, my April 2021 order is still cancelled, good news, same deal will be applied to a 2022 and they are putting it in writing. Should have delivery mid-winter.
  3. My factory order was cancelled by Ford

    They gave me a ford preview order sheet with my build specs, it contained pricing and some order related information: order code = L800, priority code = 19, and price level + 115 etc. And in a couple conversation since then the dealer reassured me that they had a allotment which they used in...
  4. My factory order was cancelled by Ford

    The sales manager told me that all mustang GT orders were cancelled but did not provide any additional details (if this was for the dealer, the region the country or the model/trim etc). I called Ford Canada and they confirmed that they cancelled the order but would not say excactly why...
  5. My factory order was cancelled by Ford

    I ordered a GT during the last week of April using a dealer alotment, I was told approx 12 weeks until delivery. No news, no vin, nothing other than order pending since then. Finally spoke with the sales manager last week and was informed that my and another customer's order was cancelled by...
  6. Anyone order before April and still no car?

    I ordered a GT, PP1, wing delete with 10 speed on April 26th using an available Canadian dealer allotment. I was told that the car would be delivered in 12 weeks. I confirmed that the order was submitted and have been waiting for a vin to be issued ever since. Last week I called the dealer...