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  1. Boomba Racing Short Throw Shifter

    Do these fit the 2018 and up GT. I’ve heard rumors they don’t.
  2. New York FS: SpeedForm no drill mud flaps front and back

    Will sell for $85 shipped in CONUS
  3. New York FS: SpeedForm no drill mud flaps front and back

    Used one season. No drilling involved. Just slip them on. Take them off for shows or whatever. Go on in seconds. Never had a problem with them coming off. Paid $150 new. Will sell for $100. FREE CONUS SHIPPING
  4. Official Shelby owner

    I’m 5’6 and have a stick GT. I bought the clutch pedal extension from Am Muscle and it helped a lot. Highly recommend.
  5. KONA BLUE S550 MUSTANG Thread

    That looks pretty amazing. Nice job!!
  6. Race Ramps for 2019 PP2

    I built a set too. We just call them ramps. Good and cheap!
  7. Is the base stereo this bad or is mine bad?

    I have the base stereo. I replaced the rear speakers and have been pretty happy since.
  8. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Would like the code too please
  9. Steeda 2 point or 4 point brace ?

    I did it last weekend on jack stands. 4 point. Was no big deal other then popping out the metal plugs left from where ford punched the holes in the frame. Had to take a file to the spacer to shorten them a bit. Car is much stiffer up front in corners. Very happy. Easy install.
  10. 2018 MT-82 4D TSB.

  11. Allocations???

    Just looked on my dealers web page. The car I originally ordered on Dec 7, 2017, and was promised in 4-6 weeks is being delivered to them on 8/08/18. Insane. Glad I didn’t wait.
  12. Opinions on Kona Blue v. Orange Fury

    Hard to beat the look of a shined up Kona blue mustang in the sun. I get tons and tons of compliments on the color. Drawback is at dusk it takes on a slightly purple hue.
  13. Allocations???

    It’s a ridiculous way to do business. You have a buyer. Build the damn thing quickly and get the man his car. I’ve owned a few Mustangs over the years and dreamt about the day I could just walk into a dealer and order one. The experience was incredibly frustrating. Wouldn’t do it again.
  14. Allocations???

    I went through something similar. I was told they are given alloacations by the regional general manager. It’s normally based on past selling performance at that dealer. I tried to have a mustang built last January. By March there was still no car. They promised definitely in April they would...
  15. Paint Chips an Issue....?

    I can do it after the 22nd. But I’m sure you want someone before then.
  16. How the heck do you remove the shift knob on an '18 6 speed?

    I wrapped mine with a towel and then took it off with channel locks.
  17. ISO hood, need it to be shipped

    Might be a tough find.