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  1. Oil Requirement 2018 GT PP1

    Most people aren't educated enough, on oils, to even attempt to sell full synth over blend beyond the basics you'd read on the back of a bottle. I prefer full synthetic myself, over blend, even though the two are pretty close if they both share the same certifications. The problem with...
  2. 2021 mustang gt stiff ride.

    Check your door panel. Pretty sure 32 is what it should be.
  3. 2021 mustang gt stiff ride.

    I second that. My tires were filled up to 45 psi when I got mine. Felt like driving on rocks
  4. Mustang smokes on idle when on incline?

    Not that there's much to mow in the posted photo, but mowing a lawn that steep must be a solid workout.
  5. Rattle update 2018 GT

    I actually 100% disagree with you. That's preference. I, and I don't think I'm alone, prefer the upfront and honest answer.
  6. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I believe the majority of us weren't able to get it right. I even unscrewed the entire top piece to realigne it with only a slight improvement. I just said f*** it and stuffed a piece of insulation foam in there to cover the gap.
  7. Piston skirt redesign to reduce slap. It's not DI pump noise

    700, and not related to piston slap. Took it in for the noise, they found metal in the oil pan so ford approved a short block. When they went to pull it apart they found the passenger side exhaust cam shaft was in rough shape so a longblock was then ordered. The cause was never found but the...
  8. Piston skirt redesign to reduce slap. It's not DI pump noise

    That sounds a lot like how mine did before the engine was replaced :/
  9. Direct injection

    I'll keep it simple. Carbon build up happens regardless if you're PI or DI. The difference is, with port injection, the fuel comes in contact with the top of the valves and cleans them. With direct injection, the fuel is sprayed directly into the combustion chamber so it's not coming in contact...
  10. Storing summer tires in the garage during winter

    I keep my ps4s in an unheated garage. Granted my garage is warmer than the outside, but I digress. I just keep all four stacked ontop of each other in the corner (don't have room for anything else) at the same psi they were at when on the car. This will be the third year and the tires are just...
  11. Lacking motivation?

    I'm right with ya. When I was 18 I went nuts with the hobby. My life consisted of work, the gym, or under the hood of a car. Fast forward almost 10 years and my car developed rod knock and needed a rebuild. I bought everything I needed but it sat for years until I finally accepted I was just too...
  12. 1st oil change @ dealer-interesting convo. Warning: tick content

    Ya, if there's a fix. This isn't the first tsb to just say "this is normal" from ford. Buy it or not, your theories are a bit pessimistic for something a lot of these engines have hit 100k+ miles with having. I still have yet to see an example of a failure due to the bbq/typewriter tick.
  13. 1st oil change @ dealer-interesting convo. Warning: tick content

    There's also the possibility that the explanation could be a bit technical and could easily be misinterpreted, by the average shmoe, so instead of dealing with armchair mechanics they just release a tsb saying it's normal.
  14. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    The interior is really cool too and I like how driver centric everything is positioned. The camera rearview mirror is also something I found cool.
  15. Bought a used Mustang and I don't feel good about it, I need opinions and expert insights

    I can't speak for everyone but this car has given me no issues in the cold. It'll start right up after sitting outside for 9 hours in -15° F ambient temps and drive like any other cold start. RPMs are stable, no bucking, no hesitation... only problem I have is that I'm f***ing freezing on those...
  16. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Good to know it's not just me. Using a phone mount in the cup holder caused some rpm lockout issues. I thought my tranny was on the way out and was getting incredibly depressed until I figured it out lol.
  17. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    In the dead of winter when it's subzero my hands need the most help so those seem pretty nice for that. Also, are the cup holders shifted towards the passenger seat? I actually have grown to not like the cup holders on the mustang. The mt82 is so finicky to where if I'm at a slight angle (like I...
  18. Bought a used Mustang and I don't feel good about it, I need opinions and expert insights

    If you plan on staying catless then you have to. The original owner may have the tuning device and original tune on hand. It's, frankly, a bit shady on their part for leaving out that it was tuned and the cat delete. I'd try to get the tune and, at a minimum, the name of the tuner/company so you...
  19. Bought a used Mustang and I don't feel good about it, I need opinions and expert insights

    I think it's time to get ahold of the original owner and get a list of aftermarket mods done to the car and ask if it was tuned. If it was tuned for the cat delete and the dealership flashed the OEM tune then you're going to have some issues.
  20. 1st oil change @ dealer-interesting convo. Warning: tick content

    It's a good oil for sure, but the point was to not really rely on ratblog for anything. You can't really go wrong with any of the big names. It's the no name oils that lack any certifications that you want to stay clear away from. Some bad horror stories from the cheap gas station oils.