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  1. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    That was rude. You don't have any info about the deal/dealer and you made THAT statement. Could of worded it better as a warning to make sure the dealer was legit! but to say he will never get the car is very heavy handed.
  2. Ford drops CFHP for 2022

    I think your dealer is misinformed. I asked for the Dora report and I got for my order.
  3. Ford drops CFHP for 2022

    Correct. These are all different packages. See how Ford separated the two (Heritage) with and w/o stripes. They would of done this with the CFTP Heritage edition if it was available. This isn't a rumor as they clearly didn't add it so its not available. I ordered a 2022 and I asked and was...
  4. Ford drops CFHP for 2022

    How about we just read the order guide and it states two separate charge codes and not one with both.
  5. Locking l/nuts for CFTP

    If you leave your car in a non lighted abdoned alley w/o then I would worry. Yes keys nuts can be removed. In most circumstances someone hamming on sockets or special tools will be very noticeable and if you have 4-8 then that takes a lot of time and noise, which criminals don't like.
  6. Locking l/nuts for CFTP

    Assuming the lug nuts are the same for the base and the CFTP. I got these and intend to use them when my CFTP arrives. These fit on my 2020 base.
  7. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    Yes I only really takes the shots as true representation that are in the sun.
  8. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    Hit the arrows on each color and it will show more of the true color. I think some of them are wonky. Cyber orange looks really yellow but on the bronco it looks orange
  9. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    Anyone see this? they breakdown every color.
  10. FL-2087 oil filter

    I'm thinking Ford did metal for a reason, and I would't bet my engine on it.
  11. FL-2087 oil filter

    I don't think so
  12. How to repair exposed carbon fiber wheels.

    Where did you get the templates?
  13. First real life looks at Eruption Green and Oil Slick Blue-Purple new paint colors for 2022 GT500

    I don't think so, as this is Purple and the Oil slick is blue with a purple haze at some angles.
  14. Another Ford Quality Example

    Raise you all
  15. 2022 Order Bank open?

    yep have it all set up just wondering when the day I can place my order
  16. 2022 Order Bank open?

    When do the Order banks open for the 2022 GT500?
  17. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    Lets be realistic here. How many rims do you think have been damaged off track? of all the cars(GT350 incuded) have actually damaged the rims beside user error(Curbing etc). In this case it was an error via closeness to a curb. I get the issues with deep potholes but the fear in this post...
  18. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    BMW has these issues Porsche's Mclarens GM does such a great job with the Corvette that this would never happen. NOT Your argument doesn't hold water and also your bias is clearly on display. I haven't determined if it's against the GT500, Ford or a combination but I don't really care...
  19. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    Glad you made some money. How about you answer the question?
  20. Every CFTP Owner's Worst Nightmare

    You do own a Gm Product so I wonder if they would cover a stone getting in between these?