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  1. 2016 mustang gt 80mm single turbo build with rear mount radiator

    I LOVE the outside-the-box thinking here... keep it coming bro!
  2. LTH primary size

    Horsepower as a raw value of measure does not exist. Happy now?
  3. 2021 WRX

    As soon as i saw you ride a cbr250, everything made sense. Carry on!
  4. This is why I don’t trust anyone else building my engine

    No one fucking cares. Get over yourself. JFC didnt mommy and daddy tell you they loved you as a child? WTF is wrong with people today.
  5. Just some pics of a VooDoo engine block - GR3Z-6010-F

    Awesome! Those look great. Man... busy with kids and other hobbies. Im missing the car though big time, so im officially off my ass putting her back together.
  6. Just some pics of a VooDoo engine block - GR3Z-6010-F

    Those valve covers aluminum? Ive been away too long... whered you find those?
  7. LTH primary size

    It's a "real" unit of measure based off of torque using the oversimplified math you refer to.
  8. LTH primary size

    Horsepower does not exist. Only torque exists--- horsepower is a calculated number based off of a raw torque value across an RPM range. It sounds like you both are trying to illustrate the same point, just in a different way.
  9. Short block…. Compression ratio?

    You guys should really drop the compression to 9:1 for a cooler running engine. That will allow you to turn up the boost! lmao
  10. Short block…. Compression ratio?

    Yes you'll lose that dollar.
  11. Camshafts / Boost

    good post, totally agree
  12. Short block…. Compression ratio?

    Thread delivers boys!
  13. Camshafts / Boost

    Yep, Mr Dipshit is in the middle of an engine build right now in his garage....... and will not be "upgrading" cams. But WTF do i know? Do yourself a favor and ignore everything i say.
  14. Camshafts / Boost

    Fair enough but I'd upgrade the blower way before i installed bigger cams. Bingo!! This man gets it. For the #racecar guys... sure.. go for it. For street car guys... nope. I, for one, have had enough cam'd vehicles to know i dont want to deal with the drivability issues, poor combustion...
  15. Camshafts / Boost

    Where did he say he's blower limited?
  16. Camshafts / Boost

    Obvious quote of the day.
  17. Camshafts / Boost

    What are your goals? You feel it would breath much better? what does that even mean? At what RPM? How much power do you feel you will pick up? Where do you feel it you would begin to see gains? lol at these threads.. just lol.
  18. Thank you Hellion

    Honestly, if youre primarily going to be an 1/8 mile car on 93 octane, you should have gone supercharger. The blower guys will hand you your ass on a half track (1/8).