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  1. Custom plates, let's see them!

    never got a chance to get a picture on the car. It is back at the shop :(
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  3. How many miles a year is too many for a blown 2021 GT

    pfft more like not even 500miles yet. Though it is getting looked at and it is unknown what the cause was. Even though it is having problems, I cannot stress enough how cool the Blow-off sound is and how awesomely loud the exhaust is when the waste gates open. I am a little older and I didnt...
  4. Thank you Hellion

    I am with you on this. Extra fuel is just a default when boosting. I am not even entirely sure it has the 7psi spring like Zrussian13 said I might have the 5 PSI spring and getting 7. or they tried the 7 PSI spring and got 9 psi and figured out that wasnt possible without fuel. The original...
  5. Thank you Hellion

    I was not there for the Dyno tuning. I would prefer not to say who did it. I have no proof they caused the problem. Also, it was missing ever since I picked the car up and I havent done any full pulls in it yet, only stabbing it and letting out. They want me to bring it back so they can look at...
  6. Thank you Hellion

    No BAP, just stock pump. I never had misfire until after I had the TT system installed. There was supposed to be a BAP but they never ordered it/installed it. I cant find anywhere that says what a 2019 factory fuel pump flow rate is. Closest I can find is an article saying 2011+ are 217LPH and...
  7. Thank you Hellion

    Anyone know the flow rate on a stock Gen3 fuel pump (cant find the numbers anywhere)? What is the HP limit on a stock fuel pump? What is more likely to cause compression loss on Cylinder 7 and 8. 7PSI of boost blowing out the rings or a lean condition?
  8. Thank you Hellion

    I dont think the oil leak was related. The oil leak was sloppy install. Likely it was weak and the boost just finished off the rings. Hopefully since they arent down completely I will be able to salvage the block. Im going to do a dirty rebuild. I will get the heads and block checked but I will...
  9. Thank you Hellion

    Well Farge, Cylinder 7 and 8 are low compression. down 16% and 19%. Cylinder 4 is down 4% and Cylinder 5 is down 1%. Guess im rebuilding a motor. :(
  10. Thank you Hellion

    So I swapped the injectors, swapped coil packs. replaced plugs, removed intake and checked the IRMC, Checked and cleaned the O2 sensor (looked fine honestly). Misfires are still on cylinder 7 and 8. I have an appointment at the ford dealer tomorrow to have the "misfire monitor neutral profile...
  11. Thank you Hellion

    Thank you. that actually makes me feel better. slowly ironing out the kinks
  12. Thank you Hellion

    Good Idea, We are going to pull the intake this weekend to check the IRMC and I will swap those injectors at the same time.
  13. Thank you Hellion

    I got ID1050x injectors. and the plugs looked ok to me, but we put another set it in anyway per the tuner's suggestion.
  14. Thank you Hellion

    So Frustrating. Everything seems to be ok but I keep getting the CEL with code P0308. Changed plugs and moved the #8 coil pack to #4 and the code this morning was still P0308 Misfire on Cylinder #8. Checked to make sure the MAF was sealed. Filled it up with 93 from the newest gas station in town...
  15. Thank you Hellion

    Try this again
  16. Thank you Hellion

    They got it fixed. no more leaks. But I am going to get a catch can for the passenger side. Holy shit, I didnt realize waste gate venting to atmosphere was going to be so loud. I held off on the boost controler, it made 660 at the tires on 7PSI waste gate spring.
  17. Thank you Hellion

    Went to pickup car. Test drove it and brought it back and popped the hood. There was oil leaking on top of the aux oil pump and some sort of oil leak on the passenger valve cover at the front of the engine. This not normal right?
  18. Thank you Hellion

    I am just joshin. :)
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