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  1. How many miles can you get street driving cup 2's?

    That's a good article...long...I'm still reading lol!
  2. How many miles can you get street driving cup 2's?

    Ah. That part I did not know. I was surprised when I saw the outer part gone but I was just going to keep driving it like normal and keep an eye on it. But that giant bolt I picked up put a kink in my plans. None of the tires places here would patch it bc of the remaining tread depth but the...
  3. How many miles can you get street driving cup 2's?

    3200 miles on the rear with no hard driving, no burnouts. But I have to make several right and left turns at intersections to leave my neighborhood and I can always feel the inside tire spinning.
  4. How many miles can you get street driving cup 2's?

    Not sure if there's different compounds between the Shelby's and the PP2's. I got 3200 miles on my PP2 rears with very easy street driving, I was trying to make the set last 1 year before swapping them out. I've heard stories of ppl getting 12-15K miles so that's what I was expecting. I...
  5. Georgia 2015-2017 Steeda H-pipe

    Yes, it should be, according to Steeda's website
  6. Georgia 2015-2017 Steeda H-pipe

    $150 shipped
  7. Just Ordered BMR Jacking Rails - Any Tips?

    Thanks man! I didn't have much choice when I bought it back in October since there was limited Nationwide stock available and dealers didn't want to give up their inventory. But now that I have it, I LOVE IT! The 18PP1 I traded in was Orange Fury, so we have great taste in colors!
  8. Just Ordered BMR Jacking Rails - Any Tips?

    have you installed these yet? The only catch that I remember is that one side is shorter than the other, so you have to know which one goes where. I don't remember which is which, sorry lol!
  9. PP2 real life pictures

    So. Hot. Man I dig that color!
  10. PP2 real life pictures

    Ah for some reason I was thinking you went with a 325, I guess I've read that so many other times when other ppl have done it. That's why I was thinking traction may have improved a bit. Also, by the pic I couldn't tell you were still on Cup 2s, it looked like you may have had PS4s since (I...
  11. PP2 real life pictures

    I wasn't sure if you meant visually amazing, or better traction, or better handling, or???
  12. PP2 real life pictures

    I was wondering bc my preference is that my speedometer actually be as accurate as possible. Being a couple/few mph off at varying speeds bothers my OCD.
  13. PP2 real life pictures

    Visually or otherwise? Seems like my speedo is optimistic just a tad, curious if the tire size might correct it?
  14. Georgia 2015-2017 Steeda H-pipe

    2015-2017 Steeda H-Pipe brand new in unopened bag. $175 shipped. Local pickup in middle GA also possible.
  15. Whats a Little Thing You Love and a Little Thing You Hate?

    I love the Grabber Lime with the PP2 option. I wish the Blackout Package was available with the Performance Package options--I really would love to have the black roof and the black badges from the factory. I HATE the TINY fan buttons...a knob would be much more intuitive but if it has to be a...
  16. 170 MPH on public roads ?

    Today I learned that 95 percent of Mustang6G'rs never speed and always obey all traffic laws. The other 5 percent disregard them with reckless abandon. 🍿
  17. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    Holy hell, I'd give my left nut for my car to sound like THAT!
  18. Mach 1 Dyno Day at Steeda..

    Wow. Yours? Impressive numbers!
  19. Anyone going to the Mustangs and Coffee at Steeda, Valdost Ga tomorrow? (4/17)

    I don't know how often they do it, this was the first one I went to. The show was good and it was fun watching the dyno pulls. I'm thinking the possible rainy weather kept some ppl at home. I'd like to go again and see if some nice weather brings a bigger turnout...