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  1. is there that fake exhaust sound in a 2021 GT?

    No, there are not artificial engine sounds on the GT. Yes, there is a resonator tube running from the intake box to the firewall on both '15-'17, and '18-'22 models. Yes, it can be removed and plugged if you desire. I'm not familiar enough with Ecoboost to speak to it. Echoing EFI, whoever...
  2. Who Names Their Cars and What Is It?

    Soundwave, because Soundwave Superior. There is literally no correlation or connection between Mustangs and Transformers, and by extension especially not Soundwave, but he's a favorite character and the color fits nicely.
  3. New Shelby American Mustang Teaser - For Dec 15 Reveal

    Ditch the bloated side stripes and the (in my opinion) tacky graphene fascia... and it might look alright. But man, those side stripes have to go... Sorry to whoever it was at Shelby American who thought those were a good idea, but. No.
  4. 0% APR financing for 60 months is back!

    Yeah, I've definitely come around to the suede. Seems I was getting info from way older models with poor quality suede seats. Hopefully things work out and I can snag a CS this year. The Katzkin stuff is nice! I think it might drive me mad knowing the door panel inserts were still cloth though...
  5. Anyone used

    Believe I used them to order replacement sunvisors when I was trying to remove the warning label. (Just get stickers...) Parts came fairly quick and were well-packaged, in Ford/OEM boxes. Mind, mine were smaller clips and trim pieces alongside the visors themselves, but that should be...
  6. All that’s left is the sound.

    As above, Lucid is only shipping the highest end, 1,111 HP Air Dream Edition right now—and only recently, at that. Lucky you to spot one. On a more accessible ("accessible" in big quotes—$200,000 vs. $77,000 😂) level; their lowest spec Air Pure will supposedly be rated to 480hp. Assuming those...
  7. My Red Pony

    Interesting approach. I've been thinking of raising the go pedal myself, however from what I've seen, most who do so install spacers at the pedal assembly's mount to the body, bringing the whole unit forward rather than just the pedal. Why not take that approach, Vlad Soare?
  8. Base model - Rear Wing question

    Mind that I'm no 500 owner, but that almost looks like the adhesive used to hold the spoiler down (past the bolts) isn't adhered properly. It definitely doesn't look right.
  9. Has anyone attempted a 'tuck-n-hide' in their engine bay?

    Unfortunately not yet. I recall seeing a thread floating around somewhere here where someone had purchased them at risk to see if they'd fit, and if I recall correctly, they did fit, but needed some modification to do so. May have looked a bit wonky with the unmatched mold lines, too, mind.
  10. Question re: BLIS, lane assist, etc.

    Start/stop is where I draw the hard line, yeah. Can't be good for the starter, in any car. If I'm sitting in traffic that long, I'll decide when, or even if, to shut the engine off.
  11. Your car wash workflow

    I frequent a coin wash local to my work for in-between rinses if I notice I've picked up an unpleasant layer of grime in my coming and going. Much of the same as has been said above; rinse first, then wash. Top-to-bottom starting with roof, hood, trunk lid. Go around the upper half of the body...
  12. 3D printing TB & Plenum Spacers??

    If designed and printed right, it should hold air just fine. I've seen printed parts hold vacuum plenty of times in maker projects. Definitely would want gasket/seals to be sure everything's tight around the joins though, yes. As Saxgod said, I'd be wary of temperature cycles—and forbidding it...
  13. Build plate on an R is not red?

    Think that may just be a year model code. Mine is 1FA6P, it's as base model of a GT as one can base model.
  14. GT500's 5.2L Predator V8 Now Available as Crate Engine (Priced $25,995)

    Could hit the Maverick with one. Lightning, lightning, lightning.
  15. GT500's 5.2L Predator V8 Now Available as Crate Engine (Priced $25,995)

    Who's gonna stuff one into a Cobra first... 😂
  16. Question re: BLIS, lane assist, etc.

    I agree lane departure may be much for normal driving, but it'd definitely be welcome in those final stretches to a rest stop during a long trip, when sleep's creeping up on you. Personally, I don't see a reason to turn off BLIS and collision assist. Especially since, to my knowledge, BLIS is...
  17. Build plate on an R is not red?

    Was wondering why this thread got necro'd two years later while reading the first page 😂 Congrats, Chad!
  18. Short throw

    Well, that settles that, then—short fingers, wide hands. Ain't gonna be able to reach 🤣 I'll give it thought. Of course I'd prefer to do the work myself, but, dealing with such critical components brings some hesitance.
  19. Jacking rails, yes or no?

    First mod of mine—I think even preceding the clutch spring. Definite yes. They're nice to have.
  20. 10 speed shifter

    He knows what he did. 🤣