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  1. thoughts on livernois heads

    They are getting back to me on cost of upgrading the valves.
  2. Stock 15-17 fuel pressure

    or attach it to my fore system (though not sure how the socks connect to the pumps); at some point in the future I'll probably need triple pumps or something more and will address it then.
  3. Stock 15-17 fuel pressure

    looks very slick, I want some in my tank.
  4. Vortech v3 dyno results | Updated E85 results

    V7JTB. The v3jt is the Paxton 2200sl, pretty sure it works on the Gen 1 and Gen 2 setups as well. The v3jt will get you a bit more, but will not go 1000. To get there you will need something oil fed.
  5. Vortech v3 dyno results | Updated E85 results

    with all that you need to upgrade to the v3jt, I have one if you need it.
  6. thoughts on livernois heads

    yes, stock valves; need to see what upgraded valves cost.
  7. thoughts on livernois heads

    Yes they did, probably why they are cheaper than some of the other options I've seen. In the little research I've done on here (FI section), it does seem most recommend better valves.
  8. thoughts on livernois heads

    therein lies the dilemma..I was considering a better intake, maybe a better intercooler, valves for sure.
  9. thoughts on livernois heads

    Thanks, that is what I was looking for, and reliability (within reason) is one of the goals.
  10. thoughts on livernois heads

    Should have started with more details, since it always depends. V7JTB, street car; probably not going to a bigger blower (but maybe) but not going twins or different brand of blower. Currently stock motor with OPGs and ATI 15%; car runs strong very happy with it; underspinning it for now to...
  11. thoughts on livernois heads

    That was the plan, then have my current ones ported after the swap. For a spare motor. If they are quality then I'd like to save the $1500. I realize ported heads and boost isn't cost efficient; but I figured these would be at least 90-95% as good as some of the more expensive options at about...
  12. thoughts on livernois heads

    The livernois include new cores for the same price. Seems to good to be true. Plan is to use the current motor as a spare and have Jr built after I finish this one (assuming I don't damage it to bad first).
  13. thoughts on livernois heads

    finally got notification my block has shipped, was going to get heads next. Was looking at a few, livernois heads; they are a bit less than some of the other options. Plan on reusing my stock cams. I realize it would be cheaper to get a smaller pulley (or twins). Anyone run them?
  14. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    How about a bmr crossmember to lower and save weight.
  15. Higher rpm with less boost, or lower RPM with more boost, which is easier on the motor?

    I do, didnt realize you meant swap. I was into the powerstroke thing for a while; but stopped when I was at the limits of the block/trans. They seem really reliable up to the point you exceed those limits. Could have been just those I was following, but they all seemed to break something at...
  16. N/a worth it without e85

    I would rather race gas as well if it wasn't so cheap and available here.
  17. Cats downstream (for smell / sound)?

    Or run e85 for the smell and use a diffenet resonator.
  18. Higher rpm with less boost, or lower RPM with more boost, which is easier on the motor?

    You'd have to throw 3000 lbs or so of ballast in the na car to make it even, assuming same time constraints in the 1/4.