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  1. Direct injection

    I would be interested as to why? I know that guys making big boy hp delete them and its fine. But it seems like if your under 1000 most people leave the DI.
  2. 15-17 Thermal R&D Stainless 3" Catback

    This is a full 3" high quality stainless steel catback. American Made and has in my opinion the best overall sound of any catback. Check out the links below for more info on it. Comes will ALL Hardware and in amazing shape. Located in Temecula, CA 92592 and asking $400...
  3. MY 2020 Rapid Red CFTP

    Cant wait to see more!
  4. Temecula

    Yeah there are some decent lots close to te wineries
  5. Temecula

    Im definitely down. Temecula local here.
  6. ET Street R for 950whp

    Exactly. When you up the power you gotta start making choices. I have around 800rwhp(depending on dyno), i said forget it and run regular street tires on 20s when im on the street. Then when its racing time i Swap on the drag pack with the ET Street Rs and go ham.
  7. Fs: procharger stg2 d1x

    Screaming deal! If I wasn't already whippled Id be snagging this.
  8. MMR cooling head head mod

    I don't know I was asking what your asking. I know back in my Cobra Days supposedly there was an issue with coolant flow at the back of the head. But you would have to imagine Ford has addressed it at this point right?
  9. MMR cooling head head mod

    Good Question! I mean if ford had this flaw in C heads 20 years ago and still cant fix it then WOW.
  10. Jacking rails, yes or no?

    I bought them as actually one of my first mods. Its so nice to be able to just slap a jack under the middle of the car and jack up the whole side. Over my years or owning mustangs having the pinch weld all mangled up always sucked. Now I can jack it up with confidence that all will be well. For...
  11. 71 Mach 1 almost ready...

    Thats funny my dad has that same car in red. I grew up with him working on it, made me fall in love with mustangs.
  12. How to get Whippled GT in the 10’s

    I agree with ^. have an auto but mine shifts at 7800-8000 each gear.
  13. 2016 Mustang GT exhaust vibration issue

    Exhausts dont seem to move too much on these S550s the way they are secured. Id say 1/2 or so.
  14. 2016 Mustang GT exhaust vibration issue

    You gotta get under there and shake the exhaust around. Figure out where its hitting. Also check steering shaft clearance on the headers.
  15. How to get Whippled GT in the 10’s

    What RPM are you shifting at?
  16. Anyone Running the Stainless Works Catback?

    Just checking in to see if anyone has been running this? and has some feedback?
  17. Need to buy: stock 18& up fuel rail

    I might have one. I can check when I get home from work. I got one from a friend a while back. Im local to you too.
  18. How I gave my 2017 GT Active Exhaust

    So overall this Magnaflow Catback is pretty quiet. Even in the loud mode its quieter than my Thermal R&D catback was. In the quiet mode it is nice and quiet, which I like. Keep in mind this is me with long tubes and free flowing exhaust. Im sure it would be SUPER quiet if I had stock headers...