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    Thankyou very much .. That's what this whole THING is all about . Helpful answers from great folks . You are a fine example . Junqdawg

    Thanks Much....I will check it out ..... Appreciate the reply and still don't know how my question got in wrong place . 1st mistake I ever made ,besides getting married ....

    Don't know about the { FI } section you are speaking of ? All I did was click {FORUM} and Post Thread option and wrote my question . If I screwed up ,SORRY . But at least , Thank You for the kind reply . Junqdawg

    Sorry if I upset your sensitive personality.. Just looking for helpful info , Not Cute REMARKS . Excuse the thread ....Junqdawg

    Have a 2018 GT 5.0 10sp auto . 19K on the clock . Over a year ago an IDIOT backed into rear bumper and left exhaust pipe 4dual outlet type on each side per normal. Been a yr. since I had INSURANVCE PUT NEW FOMOCO rear cover and replace lt. muffler as exhaust tips are welded to muffler.. MY AM...
  6. Owner’s Thoughts After First 500 Miles in New GT500 – Realization of Long Time Dream Car

    BEST HUMAN to "EVER" throw a BASEBALL . AND A FINE GENTLEMAN TO BOOT !!!!! Never be another like him . Played liitle league ball with him as a kid . course never knew what the future held for him . At the time "JUST DIDN'T want him to HIT ME with a Wild Pitch !!!!
  7. GT500 top speed test.

    IT was a minor dispute of FOMOCO "NEVER SAID THE 2020 GT500 would go 200MPH . I put the link I found among several that said the 2018 GT500 would go 200 mph . Basically a "Pissing Contest" that got out of hand . NO BIG DEAL .....Junqdawg
  8. GT500 top speed test.

    They did for the 2018 GT 500 And if I'm not mistaken it was in the 700+ HP range / doesn't 2020 have 800+ on the Super Snake? Really don't make a hell of a difference . If its 181-182-190-200 {seen all these figures advertised i different web sites...
  9. GT500 top speed test.

    Ain't looking for a "Pecker Contest of any sort " just asked why they sell you a car advertised to go 200MPH and Stop it @ 181mph . And if there's a way to bypass governor system setup by engineers to keep you @ 181 . I understand the grease breakdown scenario , kinda simple deduction of obvious...
  10. GT500 top speed test.

    Guess the Death of First Amendment has reached this "FORUM TOO" . You have to get permission to now "WRITE AN ARTICLE OF INTEREST TO MANY MEMBERS ?? FROM WHO ??? I ain't the smartest pr**k in the room but I recognize B.S> when I smell it . None of this makes sense , Questions were "simple" and...
  11. GT500 top speed test.

    Trying to wrap my 'lil BRAIN around this "GREASE BREAKDOWN " after extended balls to the walls runs @ Daytona for example . My question is... What do the "BIG BOYS" of NASCAR use to keep this from happening in their Mustangs ? Do they use a different rear axle assembly or ???????? Just Curious...