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  1. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I think this may have finally gotten his ass into gear, thanks for that. The bad news is that he only refunded me 560, not the 620 I paid (I'm assuming shipping) and he stuck the PayPal charges on me. This means that I'm out 160 bucks because I was shipped a broken unit, had to return ship it...
  2. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Same thing here. We agreed on a refund before, since it has so many issues on a Premium. Now that he has confirmed he received my shipment, he refuses to give me the refund and says he can ship me a new unit (which I don't want).
  3. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Thanks PatrickHenninger, I just got an e-mail back from him.
  4. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I have e-mailed multiple times, have not sent WhatsApp messages (I don't have WhatsApp and don't have his number). Would you mind asking him if he can reply to me about the refund? Thanks.
  5. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Has anyone had any contact with Liu lately? My return was delivered on 4/13, but since then I haven't received any communications from him and I fear my refund will never come...
  6. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I already shipped it back a week ago, sorry.
  7. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Well, I finally got Liu to give me a refund as soon as he receives my returned (broken) unit. I'm out of this game, too many issues reported with the Premium Mustang. It's a real shame, but I guess I'll stick with the crappy Sync 2 system for now. I'll leave the Wiki up for folks who need the...
  8. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Did you e-mail the dude you bought it from already about it?
  9. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    You actually have the new revision, though. Once I get that one as a replacement for my faulty first revision, I'll install it as well and see if we can figure out how to solve the issues. It'll likely be a few weeks, however. My return shipment is in China as of today, so hopefully he'll ship...
  10. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    If you take that loose orange wire at the bottom (that goes to the white plug, not the one that's next to the black one) and touch it to the green/black-stripe cable from the 14-pin video cable, your camera should come up. Can you confirm if that works as expected or if it's garbled and craps...
  11. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    None of this applies to the Premium.
  12. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    You have the new revision, we have the old one.
  13. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I never got the reverse cam to work either. If you connect the orange loose wire that comes off the plug to the reverse cam "power" cable, it will probably show up, but mine was garbled and turned off after a few seconds. Again, don't worry about the extra wires, they're for the base model, you...
  14. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Ah, that's odd, but good to know :)
  15. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    The film on the screen is not really a screen protector you want to use. It's simple TPU film that prevents scratches, but the thing itself will scratch (it's meant to protect the screen, but not be used as a permanent screen protector). You probably want something more like this, but it's a bit...
  16. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    On my Premium, the tach worked with the Premium cables, so you should be good.
  17. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Disconnect that black box from the loose cable (Pic 3) and connect it to the white plug that's hooked up to your ca (Pic 6). Connect the cable with the 3 yellow, red, and white RCAs (Pic 2) to the control box and connect the yellow loose RCA in your car to the one that says "camera". You...
  18. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Yeah, it looks odd :) My wife went to USPS, but I printed it out in the following format (which they were able to figure out from): Liu Chaoren Tianjiacun Nanchenqu Dongguang 523099 Guangdon China
  19. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Probably fastest to just return and get it replaced, yeah.
  20. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    No idea, once he told me that he didn't have a replacement board, he offered to replace it if I ship it back. I shipped everything (screen, unit, and cables) on Tuesday, he'll send the replacement once he has this one in hand, so I have nothing right now (and I'm out $700 total).