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  1. MAPerformance Turbo Kit 5558 Ball Bearing

    Still available? No?
  2. Has your engine been reliable, some issues or blown?

    Just hit 33k miles on my 2015 With PP (build date 2/15). been tuned since 1k miles. Full bolt on and pro tuned at 5-7k and turbo swapped at 12-13k miles. No issues, except for the oil residue but it ain't bad. Money is set aside for a new motor just in case but I have plans to preemptively swap...
  3. Have you blown an engine? If so, what rod (cylinder) failed?

    Anyone in Texas dealing with this gas shortage!? If I was ever scared to go boom, it's now lol.
  4. PP rims

    I need it to be local sorry
  5. PP rims

    ill buy one!
  6. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    self tuned.. lost some credibilty with that move.
  7. Avoid Mishimoto Radiators...

    never owned anything from MM, but its funny how some companies shaft you until you go on a public forum with your experience, and then they reach out to you to help.. how about fixing your customer service to fully cover defects even if its sold through a third party vendor.
  8. MOTOR4TOYS Los Angeles Super Car Sunday! 12/4/2016

    Thanks for the tag! I have a buddy who'd love to come with. Got a good advance notice this time!
  9. SoCal Meet & Cruise #15: Angeles Crest Highway - November 20, 2016

    Been looking forward to going to one of these for a while but have been held up by work.. Everyone looks good to attend this one though so hopefully nothing last minute pops up!
  10. CP-E Atmosphere Precision Turbo Kit

    It's just a precision're not making that power for 4K lol.
  11. TUNE+ : RTR/Xtreme-DI HPFP Upgrade Testing

    Back to the subject at hand though I'm eager to find out more information of the capability of this pump without he use of port-injection on a big turbo. Also, with the livernois pump coming to market very soon, I'm looking to find out if there Are any major differences in capabilities and...
  12. TUNE+ : RTR/Xtreme-DI HPFP Upgrade Testing

    I'm not sure how saying you're car is faster than someone else's starts a fight, trash talk is trash talk. Having competition is what drives tuners and manufacturers to make their products and services better. Get over it.
  13. The Livernois HPFP upgrade ... a second and better high pressure fuel pump upgrade

    I'm staying on the stock block for a while so I won't be maxing out the injectors, however would it be beneficial to upgrade them with this pump anyway?
  14. Boost leak on Vargas stage 2

    Absolutely right^, I have a manual trans and third gear pulls from that rpm do take a little while for boost to build up. But rowing quickly through the gears the car feels amazing and boost really doesn't drop a whole lot if you do it quick enough. I'm eager as hell to see some data from the...
  15. Boost leak on Vargas stage 2

    Yeah Adam and tony we're going back an forth on one of these threads about which waste gate to use lol. Tony was saying the turbosmarts were leaking but that's what I currently have on my stage 2 and it's running fine. I still have the one that came on the stage 2 to be safe though.
  16. How to make my 2015 EB CARB certified?

    California it's 6 years if I'm not mistaken for smog.
  17. Vargas Silicon Charge Pipes & RacePort BOV And Vargas stage 2 WGA

    New prices 175 shipped for charge pipes, BOV Kit 275 shipped, and I'll throw in the WGA free if you buy everything. otherwise call it 75$....shipped.
  18. Vargas Silicon Charge Pipes & RacePort BOV And Vargas stage 2 WGA

    Should just need a tune revision. I'm pretty sure the one that comes on the Vs2, which is what I'm trying to sell, is on the VArgas website retailed at 100 bucks. Advertised as a direct bolt in upgrade and Already pre loaded.