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  1. Damage to side skirt and rocker panel

    Thanks for the input guys! I got a couple quotes for $800+ for parts and labor. The painted and panel and matte panel were sold as a pair. Looks like I’m better off just getting it off eBay and doing it myself.
  2. Damage to side skirt and rocker panel

    Hit a nice size rock while doing some mountain driving a couple weeks ago. The panel underneath the door had the paint scratched off as well as some punctures through the plastic. The textured plastic rocker also has some minor damage (hard to see in picture). Is this all one piece? Or are they...
  3. Ikon MotorSports GT350 StyleTrackPack Spolier

    Hows the quality of the paint job from ikon? Wasn't sure if I should buy it unpainted and have another shop paint it for me.
  4. Ultra Lite & Affordable Race Exhaust

    do you know if the downpipe will pass CA smog?
  5. sold

    How much for the lower shipped to 91710?
  6. GT Grill

    how much for just the lower?
  7. FS: OEM GT Grill

    how much for just the lower?
  8. FS: 2016 Mustang GT Black accent grilles

    How much for the lower grill shipped to 91710?
  9. can't decide on lowering my daily

    I have sportlines on my daily PP EB and I never had any issues scrapping other than steep driveways (still wasn't bad). The far handles so much better with the 19pp wheels and 25mm spacers. Really allows you to take turns a lot harder and accelerate sooner out of them. I have since picked up 20"...
  10. Ikon RTR style rear diffuser

    Seen this on eBay last week as well. I emailed them if they had any pictures of it fitted on a car, but no response yet.
  11. Mod friendly dealers in the IE?

    Interested as well
  12. Front Camber Help

    Here's a couple pictures of how the wheel sits now. Can anyone tell if the 2.5 degree of adjustability on the BMR cam bolts will be enough to tuck the tire just enough? Currently waiting on the bolts to arrive from LMR
  13. Front Camber Help

    What should my caster be at? I just went ahead bought BMR camber bolts, couldn't find a local shop that wanted to slot the struts. I don't trust myself with doing a permanent mod Like that..I don't want to mess anything up. :headbonk:
  14. Front Camber Help

    Oh okay, I thought the bolts were know for causing crash or something haha good to know though. It don't think I need that much camber maybe 1-1.5 degree is my guess, but then again I don't know much either. I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow morning it never lets me post pics through my...
  15. Front Camber Help

    I think I'll try the slotting method first. I don't really want to buy plates since I'm not tracking my car. Do you guys happen to have a link to ford racing's process on how to do it? Or a thread to another member who's tried it? Also, I caught is there a reason why your calling the camber...
  16. Front Camber Help

    Burkey Took me a couple reads to understand but I think I somewhat get it haha.
  17. Front Camber Help

    As the title says, I need some help with front camber. I just got a new wheel and tire setup with an aggressive offset. 20x10 et25 with 275/35 up front. I'm also lowered on eibach sportline springs for the ecoboost performance pack which I believe is slightly lower than the sportlines for the...
  18. A World First ! 20x10 & 20x11 Rohana RF2 wheels on 2015 Mustang S550 Premium

    I know this is an old thread but do they offer these in different concave options?
  19. Your Go to Guys for Rohana Wheels: RFX Series RF Series RC Series for your Mustang

    Any deals coming up on either the rfx5s or the rf2s for tax season?
  20. Los Angeles 25mm spacers pick up 47$ obo

    Okay cool, what part of LA are you in?