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  1. Where did you find the best pricing on AWE Touring catback?

    I think they go for like $1350 if you just type in google. Everyone sells at the same price basically just try to find a vendor who will give you more of a discount.
  2. Cool Vid on the 2018 Mustang Digital Dash

    This is a good thing. Now I can upgrade my 16 dash easier.
  3. Rpm runaway?

    Yea I'm not really sure what is really going on. When it's in first gear it was in torque source 22 "idle control" until 100% throttle angle. It's actually on 85% throttle angle even though I'm giving it full throttle that's just how it's set up in the tune. I guess the torque source 22 is...
  4. E85 flex fuel tune

    When you have a flex fuel tune and you switch back and forth between 93 and e85 does it mess with the fuel trims A lot? If so how long does it take to learn.
  5. Kooks Headers Ticking

    This what my xpipe sounded like when it was leaking bad where it connects to header
  6. Presenting the AWE Mustang GT Exhaust Suite. Available now as dual or quad tip!

    How is the touring catback with headers? I'm getting arh catted installed in a few weeks curious how it sounds and if it has any drone.
  7. Rpm runaway?

    when its in torque souce 0 driver demand I'm on throttle. then it goes into torque source 16 dashpot torque source 9 target N inbetween shifts. it also looks like it went into torque source 4 tip in limit inbetween the 2-3 shift not sure why that happened but I think it shuts the throttle for an...
  8. Cool Vid on the 2018 Mustang Digital Dash

    looks like they finally realized the coyote is the new honda s2000 and should utilize its high revving capabilities.
  9. E85 flex fuel tune

    I live in the 08844 lol. getting e85 in eastorange. Where else can you find it?
  10. E85 flex fuel tune

    Off topic I only run e85 when I'm going to drag strip. I have 4 5gal jugs I fill up in east orange its the only station I know about in NJ. Any idea where other stations are with e85?
  11. CJ IM, which CAI?

    damn them things are beautiful manifolds compared to the 350
  12. Rpm runaway?

    here is a log with rpm, speed, torque source, and throttle angle. By comparing rpms to the torque source and throttle angle it looks like I'm off throttle and switching gears while its still increasing revs. I notice the throttle angle doesn't drop down to 0 in between shifts it will sit at 30%...
  13. ARH American Racing Headers Specials at RDP Store

    Just received my american racing headers today. I asked other vendors to try to beat rdp price after the 10% discount and none of them would do it. They said they were practically giving them away and advised me to jump on it. So I did. Getting installed on the 20th. Thanks again.
  14. Rpm runaway?

    thanks for the many replies. I know what rev hang is I experienced it on my stock ecoboost and after I tuned it. I also experienced it on my stock gt and after the pp3 installed. But this is not the same as rev hang. The tune actually has basically zero rev hang as is my tuners style, which I...
  15. Rpm runaway?

    Does anyone else have this "problem" with their car? I'm not actually sure if it is a problem or why it happens but in between shifts the rpms seem to keep going until I get in the next gear. No I am not power shifting I let off the gas completely in between shifts. In this log I was shifting...
  16. Official 1/4 Mile Fast List & Leaderboards (V8) - 2015+ Mustangs

    Did I make the list yet? Vehicle, Trim & Transmission: 2016 Mustang GT 3.31 Manual Modifications: e85 flex fuel, 47lb injectors, gt350 IM, gt350 TB, gt350 intake, awe touring catback, drag radial R/T......................................... 0.544...
  17. Stainless Power Headers Special from RDP Store

    What is the difference between the stainless works Headers M15HCAT WITH CATS Factory Connection and Headers SM15HCAT WITH CATS Factory Connection besides the $420 price difference?
  18. Spark Plug Torque Specs

    Just screw it in until it makes a cracking noise
  19. What can you ask from tuner?

    the ford power packs have a lot of popping and crackling. but yea like you said once I got it protuned it stopped doing all those cool noises.
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Damn can't wait to put headers on my car