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  1. 2018-2020 Mustang GT fueling limits

    I had it done a long time ago without sheets and it made 617 in FL in the summertime. Installer ran it stock before I added DW95 and LTHs. So no sheets. pretty sure EB aint giving a warranty and killing your engine on purpose.
  2. 2018-2020 Mustang GT fueling limits

    the Edelbrock 2650 'Stage 1 uses stock injectors/no bap it's well over 600 WHP its not hard to believe.
  3. Higher rpm with less boost, or lower RPM with more boost, which is easier on the motor?

    well this is not so much an apples to apples suggestion as the makeup of a diesel engine is very more different than a coyote. Obviously the only factory boosted coyote is the predator. but that engine is also a lower compression and a substantially stronger block than a standard gen 3...
  4. Can I run 305 r35 20 in rear

    also, different manufactuers make different width tires irrespective to the size on the side wall. Meaning you can buy 285 tires and depending on the aspect ratio say between a 285/35/20 vs a 285/30/20 the actual measured widths would be different. The 285's that I run are the width of some...
  5. VMP Odin IAT

    Lund Remote tune would be tits. Are you worki[ng with a local guy??
  6. VMP Odin IAT

    My bad I thought I was reading a roush thread. I apologize. I had those codes before when my pump stopped working and the Temps went way up. You probably have a faulty sensor, just replace it and clear the codes. the P061A will always show up with that other one because the PCM doesn't know...
  7. VMP Odin IAT

    Do you have a breakout harness? I thought the roush kits used a map sensor
  8. Thoughts on MFP or Harrup Phenolic Spacers for a Roush Phase 2 Supercharger on Gen 2 s550

    We found that we are able to use the same bolts as well
  9. New to boost. Mapping a good starting point?

    If you don't care about having to lower the engine to clear the hood, then you can always go larger, but you hit the nail on the head; you need a LOT more engine to use it's capability. Once you get around to using it at that level, you no longer have a street car. Whipple hasn't put out any...
  10. New supercharger kit from Hamburger's Superchargers premiering at SEMA!

    Google is your friend A non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid that does not follow Newton's law of viscosity, i.e., constant viscosity independent of stress. In non-Newtonian fluids, viscosity can change when under force to either more liquid or more solid. Ketchup, for example, becomes runnier when...
  11. New supercharger choice

  12. New supercharger choice

    my recommendation is pd i read that you have a 15. roush is good there.
  13. New supercharger kit from Hamburger's Superchargers premiering at SEMA!

    I'm interested in seeing some real world results on this setup.
  14. Moving on

    Happy trails, hope to see you back with the 7th gen. Did you get your stuff sold off?
  15. New supercharger choice

    All of the good running PD superchargers all have an inverted setup. the IATs stay lower that way. The Roush DOES NOT have this design thus more heat.
  16. New supercharger choice

    I don't think this is a valid statement. ATI makes the centris for Prochager (WHICH IS A BRAND), Vortech and Paxton. So if you think procharger is good you think the rest are good. ESS makes a centri setup that produces good power as well. VMP, Edelbrock, Harrop make 2650 superchargers...
  17. New to boost. Mapping a good starting point?

    You only need a 3.0L for that kind of power level. 3.8 is for 4 digit territory mainly. You can of course use it if you wish but it's a bit of overkill. upper limits of the 3.0 is well into 4 digit range. Any fueling you use will have a tune associated with it. you will have to reflash to...
  18. Boost - Flowrate - Power Relationship

    If ATI would provide a compressor map we could see what exactly are the differences, especially in the efficiency and flow rates at certain impeller RPM. The higher CFM comes from a bigger inducer/exducer setup and likely a revised volute.
  19. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    I think the problem is the demand when running E-85 or any other low stoich fuel (lower than gasoline) The slowing of the lift pump when the demand is low then getting a sudden pressure drop is probably not so reassuring to a tuner. I could understand why they wouldn't want cars blowing up...
  20. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    Fueling isn't something most of us are overlooking. it's just not anything with a happy medium for us or tuners alike. It's a big time endeavor, and it seems like there's overkill (not as streetable, some of us drive long stretches and to not have to go under a quarter tank is a bummer), and...