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  1. Ambient lighting question

    I was just checking the order guide and ambient lighting with my color is standard with the premium trim without the 401a
  2. GT500 with Black Paint Roof

    Not to diminish the Shelby at all - this is very similar to the black accent package for the 2021. This year the mirror caps are blacked out also.
  3. Line locks not accessible

    Initially I thought it was a break-in thing and it woul work at 1,000 miles and when that didn’t happen I thought it would at 1,500 miles. Someone at work suggested I turn it off. Mine is a ‘21 Ecoboost with auto, the 101A and Black accent package. I discovered that lane keep and auto wipers...
  4. Line locks not accessible

    My line lock selection stayed grayed out until I turned of lane keep assist.
  5. Who Names Their Cars and What Is It?

    I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but I heard/read somewhere that the grill was inspired by Darth Vader’s mask. Mines white so it looked a lot like a Storm Trooper to me and, in the tradition of using female names for cars, her name is Phasma - the only female Storm Trooper. Also, by calling her a...