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  1. GT500 Oil Change Made Easy (Non Exxon Valdez Style)

    Add me please. Supporting innovators is one of my favorite things to do. 😎
  2. 2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    5833 KellTrac [L4708]
  3. Steeda G-Trac extreme contacts header.

    Just use the BMR brace. Dunno why anyone would use this one over it.
  4. Whiteline Mustang GT w/ Magneride Grip Series Suspension Kit (2018-2021)

    30mm? Oh geeze. It is 2021 and they're still selling solid steel sway bars? Lol.....
  5. Comparison: BMR CB005 Gen1 vs Gen2

    Im well aware of what went down. Petty. Period. Thanks though.
  6. Comparison: BMR CB005 Gen1 vs Gen2

    No. Its petty. Its a flex. Keep flexing at a company that's rapidly growing as they are and it could rapidly backfire. If you ever have any Qs or want legit no fluff no smoke and mirror info, lmk
  7. Comparison: BMR CB005 Gen1 vs Gen2

    That part actually doesn't serve much purpose compared to just a spacer to fill the gap below the bushing. Heck, you could stack washers to fill the void and it would work as well. Lol. It is nice to have the lug that goes inside the bushing sleeve to assist in squaring the subframe. Its also...
  8. Sway Bars - So Many Choices

    Too much inconsistency on the S550 subframe. The locking collars are far superior to welded on washers with massive spacing.
  9. Poly vs. Spherical Vertical links

    Honestly; Id say its more likely they were built a little off. Good thing is that it's not really a big deal as the poly enables it to be acceptable. Have pics?
  10. Poly vs. Spherical Vertical links

    You can run any of the links. Stock. Poly. Delrin. Bearing. Just flip a coin. They don't help all that much. One of those mods thats a "may as well because Im in there". People who swap from various styles to test are typically only noticing placebo effects.
  11. S550 Rear Differential Mount Bolts - ISSUES & RESOLUTIONS: Pics!

    Well it can work yes, but not as it should. The front two bolts bottom out into each other. Lol. So you can just use one and have minimal threading and a front setup that's not much stronger than a stock configuration. If youre going to shoot for upgrading these bolts but want it all plug...
  12. S550 Rear Differential Mount Bolts - ISSUES & RESOLUTIONS: Pics!

    The RH017 kit will not work with stock bushings. The Lethal Kit will with a little bit of thought by shimming etc.....but you still have to drill with the Lethal Kit. Good luck! If you ever need anything lmk
  13. S550 Rear Differential Mount Bolts - ISSUES & RESOLUTIONS: Pics!

    It has been a while. I do not think they ever carried through with my stock bushing bolt kit I had come up with. I drove all this stuff when I was there, but naturally these sort of low cost kits tend to have a pretty low ROI and high opportunity cost for massive operations like BMR etc. I have...
  14. Understanding the IRS and Drag Racing

    If I get some time I would love to chime in and share some information. I've been heavily modifying and drag racing IRS equipped vehicles for about 15 years now. I've learned to really like and appreciate what they have to offer.
  15. Another NA car breaks diff bolts...

    I was the first person to snap ears off the diff, actually. October 2015. I am well aware. If NVH is not an issue, a solid Diff bushing is the best solution 100%, there is zero debate. It strengthens the entire system and I have never seen a single "failure" with them. I am not referring to...
  16. Another NA car breaks diff bolts...

    If you are using the factory threads, you really have not made a true upgrade. No current offering that still retains the OE threads has been immune to failures, regardless of what marketing materials may claim. The best way to avoid issues is to simply use larger diameter hardware. I will...
  17. Another NA car breaks diff bolts...

    Not exactly, but close. When the entire world is being pushed on valving that is not specifically what they need, someone's gotta do it. My results speak loud and clear, thank you for asking. 👍
  18. 2020 GT 6spd: First trip to the dragstrip with 4.09 gears

    TO clarify. A 4.09 and topping out and coasting will still ET better than a lower (numerical) gear ratio. Topping out at say 1000ft or further and coasting really only effects the MPH, very very minimal effect on the ET. As mentioned by someone else, a 4.56 if the way to go on the MT82D4 cars...