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  1. 18 Manifold P2005 Code (Help)

    Thanks for pairing this link but I can’t access it, can you send it to me. I, also, am having 2006 code and surfing on low RPMs; I switched the two connectors that lead to the Y harness and surging went away but still throwing 2006 code after a 20 mile drive. Tuner is blaming wires, of course...
  2. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Yeah, they’re physically plugged in but didn’t show up when I started it up. It was a used unit I bought; thought about resetting but didn’t know what it would look like after a reset
  3. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I have a Viper version, 2nd gen HU, but it doesn't display the PP gauges on the home screen how the 1st gen used to; is it option on the Viper 2nd gen? how can I make it display, if so? Also, do the Custom ROM downloads apply for the viper units
  4. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Your WhatsApp will auto translate though. It’s nkt always grammatically correct and he does take time to answer but he answered me. GL
  5. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Can someone help me out and PM me the log in and pass for the stangX site to download the APKs? I had it before and changed computer that had it saved.
  6. Anyone in Jacksonville that can look at a car for me?

    Also in Jax, PM me if you want. I live on Southside and work on Mayport side.
  7. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Ohh it changed?! Awesome-sauce; Thanks, Nagare
  8. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Is the stangx site, the one on the first post, still up? it takes me to some add page that is not the right one?
  9. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    So, I had the first gen then I sold it, went with moddiction for a while but sold it to then bought a GEN 2 tesla. Install went smoothly and it is up and running, but I have some questions for those gen 2 users. What is the security access code? How can I make my PP gauges display like the Gen...
  10. Complete GT350 Intake Manifold Package, TB, Intake

    Oh, you must be the inventory manager for the North America Ford, excuse me then? GTFO! And all the other places that del it for $660 are all wrong, huh?
  11. Complete GT350 Intake Manifold Package, TB, Intake

    And what makes you think it's such an unreasonable offer you to answer a question that I didn't ask YOU?
  12. Complete GT350 Intake Manifold Package, TB, Intake

    Would you take $550 for the IM and lines shipped to Jacksonville, Fl
  13. Boss Intake Manifold

    Damn! How much did this thing sell for?
  14. IN STOCK!!! New Sync3 theme navigation from Moddiction!

    I read through 70+ pages of the thread and couldn't find out; where can I download an update for the iGo primo navigation? I don't have roads in Florida, it find the location but doesnt show any roads at first. Now, it can't even find the file on the Sd card. Also, what is the latest software...
  15. For Sale Weathertech Mats & Sun Visor

    In for visor shipped to Pensacola, Fl 32511; if you choose to ship? TIA
  16. Trade: Corsa extreme for Factory Exhaust Plus Cash

    are you going to be trading it in? i have my factory exhaust in naples, fl
  17. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    After waiting for 5 weeks, I finally received a second gen as a replacement unit for my DOA 1st gen I received back in February. Andddd it's already sold to another member, can't deal with the time it takes to program it. Thanks for those that had messaged Liu on my behalf for my unit!!
  18. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    And while we were troubleshooting, he would answer me RIGHT away, but once he received it he went on radio silence for four weeks. Hopefully yours works
  19. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I'm glad you got something, at least, I can't get him to answer me now. It's been over a month since he received the DOA unit back to him and he still doesn't even confirm me that he's mailing me a replacement unit back to me....can anyone help me out on this, please?